My Favorite Time of Year

September 21, 2006 at 10:38 am (Television)

I’m feeling vastly better today and Shannon’s post inspired me. It is my favorite time of year – fall TV. Yes, I love TV. I know my husband thinks I waste way too much time watching TV but it’s the way I wind down. After the kids are in bed and I’m done cleaning up I usually don’t want to do anything that requires too much thinking. And thanks to the DVR I can watch my shows whenever I want and save 15 minutes every time.

Every fall I have to weed through the new shows to see what looks promising. Cuz to be honest I don’t want to get hooked on too many shows. So this is kind of my evaluation period.

First there’s my current favorites:

  • Grey’s Anatomy: I am positively giddy because tonight is the premiere! Yipee! I think this is one of the best written tv shows on right now. This is the only TV show that I’ve actually bought the DVD’s for.
  • House: My friend Kristen got me hooked on this. I love medical shows and House cracks me up with his prickly personality. I laugh out loud at this show.
  • Bones: The first time I watched it I wasn’t too sure but then I got hooked. There’s great chemistry between Bones and Booth and I’m a sucker for crime shows. There’s some pretty gruesome bones/corpse shots so definitely don’t watch w/ the kiddos around. Grosses hubby out too!
  • Project Runway: This one is actually good summer fare and almost over.
  • Amazing Race: I’ll take Race over Survivor any day. I love being able to see all those places – and they’ve added some new twists this season.

And for the new ones, here’s my list of shows that I’m giving a chance.

  • Studio 60: I’ve been excited for this show because a) it has Matthew Perry b) it has Bradley Whitford c) it’s by Aaron Sorkin who did West Wing. I figured the writing has got to be good. After watching the first show I’m giving it a "wait and see". It was a little slow but I understand they had to set up the whole premise. The writing was good. I enjoyed the banter between Perry and Whitford. It was a little crude in spots but that’s part of the show is kind of a satirical look at television. One of the characters is a Christian and I’m interested to see how they portray that.
  • Standoff: So far I really like this show. It’s about FBI hostage negotiators and there’s some great chemistry between the lead actors and good story lines so far.
  • Justice: Really like this one too. I love Victor Graber from his Alias days and his character is pretty hilarious. It’s cool that you don’t know if the defendant is guilty or not until the end when they show the crime as it really happened.
  • Ugly Betty: Premire’s next week so I’ll let you know
  • Shark: Again, I love legal stuff and it’s an interesting premise. James Woods is a top defense attorney who then goes to work for the District Attorney’s office prosecuting cases. Premiere’s tonight.

So what are you watching?


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