The Sound of High School Musical

October 22, 2008 at 12:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Only 2 days til HSM 3 hits theaters.

But first, you have to see this. Someone figured out that “Bet on It” from HSM 2 synchs perfectly to “The Hills are Alive” from Sound of Music. WARNING: Do not have liquids in your mouth while viewing.



  1. stacey said,

    This was so funny! I can’t believe someone figured out that it went together. Who has time for that kind of stuff. Probably some stay at home Mom while the kids are down for naps :o)

  2. Kimbasa said,

    oh my word- that is awesome! who in THE world figured that out?!

  3. Kathleen Flanagan said,

    Crack up!

    What fun it is to hear the frequent sound of delight (the LOLs) from your little corner of our PVC world!

  4. Tracie said,

    That was HYSTERICAL! We just saw this movie last week – I’d certainly never of thought of this!

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