Name Ideas

September 6, 2008 at 10:16 pm (Faith, Parenting)

We are still searching for the right names for our new kids. We’ve got it narrowed down for W-boy but are still really at a loss for B-girl.

While I’m not set on having a Bible name necessarily, I find myself always paying attention to the names in case I find something unusual that strikes me.

At our family worship time we’ve been reading through the Bible, beginning in Genesis. Right now we’re about at Jacob finding a wife.

It’s usually dad or I reading and we do our best but honestly, some of the names are just wild. We stumble through the pronunciations as best we can.

And occasionally we read a name, or in this case a set of names, and I can’t help it. I start to giggle. And then the kids start to giggle and it takes us a couple of minutes to regain our composure.

Genesis 22:21 Uz the firstborn, Buz his brother…

The first thing that flashed into my mind was these guys:

“Hi, I’m Uz, this is my brother Buz.”

The other one that get us in trouble is Phicol (Gen 21:22). Now I realize it’s probably pronounced more like Ficol but the first time I read it, I read “pickle” and my stomach hurt we were laughing so hard. And it’s just kind of stuck.

I’m not sure how much dad appreciates our giggly diversions but the kids and I have great fun.



  1. Tracey said,

    I Samuel were a girl he would have been Sarah or Leah!

  2. stacey said,

    We always mess up the names, too! Then we kind of chuckle :o) It’s hard not to when you think about someone having those names in this day!

  3. Phil (your brother) said,

    Oh my, so Mark doesn’t like the giggly diversions? Sounds strangely familiar to our dinner table growing up . . . hmmm.

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