A Fun Read

August 25, 2008 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Lucky for me, I got a special treat in the mail the day we left for our anniversary trip. Holy Mama (aka Kelsey Kilgore) sent me a copy of her new book “A Love For Larkspur”. I quickly stashed it in my bag.

On Thursday as we headed to the beach I grabbed it and promptly started in once I got myself slathered with sunscreen. I am delighted to say it was one of those books that makes you laugh out loud. Hubby may have been a bit embarassed but I’m guessing I was smiling all the way through.

The amazon.com description goes something like this…

“Would you let your mother take the reins of your dating life? Lark-a twentysomething, strawberry-blond, freckle-faced Texan-has had enough of dating geeky, weird guys. So when her sociable mama suggests she pre-screen some guys for Lark to date, Lark’s just desperate enough to say yes. After all, with her three low-level jobs and the classes she’s taking, she’s not likely to snag The Someone anytime soon. But with her mama’s Man Getting Project, she might just have a chance. When Brant Stephens, her old classmate who lives down the street, tells her she resembles a sick cat, she chalks it up to him being the most boring, mean, and predictable man on earth. He’s got more degrees than she can remember, more annoying personality flaws than she can count, and all the gorgeous, shallow dates he could ever need. So why does he feel led to insult her every chance he gets? And what’s with all the eccentric flamingos popping up around town? Sometimes life looks just a little gray. until the brilliance of popsicle orange peeks around the corner.”

I marked a couple of my favorite spots – and I’m not sure if they’ll be quite as funny taken out of context, without you knowing the characters yet, but I had to pass them on.

“Poor guy. One day I look like a sick cat and the next I have cute hair, naked hairless legs, and the most flattering pair of shorts eBay ever had for a quarter plus shipping. And that whole “other men want me” energy – any girl knows that’s potent stuff.”

Then a scene while in the hardware store picking out paint…

“I decide I might be crossing some invisible lust-line by studying Brant’s legs like this, so I wander off and return with ugly canvas paint masks from a bin at the end of the aisle. Pretending I’m a surgeon, I put one on, and slip the other on Brant while he holds out two strips of blue paint chips at arms length…

Then we carry on as before, me studying his legs, and he studying blues, while wearing masks. I find it more entertaining to do this while masked, and Brant doesn’t seem to mind. And, I realize, I’ve just made studying his hairy legs way more medical than lust-y. Yea for me!”

So if you want very fun read, you must go get Kelsey’s book. Apparently her publisher is changing names so it is temporarily unavailabe at Amazon.com but there’s a couple used ones (Not mine- it’s a keeper) or you can add it to your wish list so you don’t forget.



  1. stacey said,

    So I know you’re keeping your book but I was thinking since we’re such good friends you might just let me borrow it? What do you think, could you let this old friend of yours borrow it for a week or so??

  2. HolyMama! said,

    how sweet! Thanks!!!

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