Back to School

August 11, 2008 at 8:53 pm (Parenting)

It’s official – all my kids are elementary school aged. When did that happen?

We made the decision to put the kids in Christian school this year even though we weren’t exactly sure where we’d find the money. It still felt right and so we took the plunge and God has shown up in big ways to make it happen.

The kids have been able to see the school (which is in a new building this year), and meet their teachers which I think helped with the new-school jitters. There are also a ton of kids from Palm Valley there -1 in Noah’s class and 4 or 5 in Natalie’s class.

This evening we ate dinner at Peter Piper – it’s kind of become a back to school tradition. Natalie went on and on (as she’s known to do). It’s a little harder to drag information out of Noah but it seems that he had a good day too.



  1. stacey said,

    They look so cute in their little uniforms this year! I cannot believe Natty is in Kindergarten. Holy cow, where has the time gone? I remember when you were pregnant with her! Then she was born and was such a little peanut ;o)

    I’m glad they had a great first day! Pretty soon you’ll be taking four kids to school!

  2. Amber Mollerup said,

    I am so excited you guys decided to put them in Christian school… I worked for one the past 3 years and I am such a believer in them, especially for the elementary age kids. Folding their faith into their everyday school lives is such a blessing!

  3. Susie said,

    Praying they have a wonderful school experience this year!

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