Banana bikes

August 5, 2008 at 7:21 am (Uncategorized)

Today was kind of our lazy vacation day, we didn’t even go anywhere.

The KOA has a myriad of different kinds of bikes you can ride including these fun banana bikes.

Natalie couldn’t quite get the hang of those so her and I started out in a buggy.

Except she couldn’t reach the pedals and she wasn’t really steering. I tried to let her steer but she almost ran us into a tree. So she declared herself bored. The KOA people were nice enough to let us trade in our remaining time on a 4 wheeler for her and a banana bike for me.

After lunch it was swimming in the pool where Noah learned to play Marco Polo for the first time. The kids also found some new kids to play with and our camper became the video game playing hang out for the afternoon.

Oh and we got new neighbors (the 3rd since we’ve been here) who have the cutest basset hound ever. Tri-colored like Snickers was. Reminded us of her younger days. We were able to commiserate with them over the general misbehavin’ that bassets do – they were glad to hear it wasn’t just their dog who swallowed socks and chewed on the kids toys.



  1. Amber said,

    I admire this creative vacation! good for you guys for finding different ways to have cheap FUN vacations and NOT break the bank. We look up to you guys! thanks!

  2. stacey said,

    Those bikes look pretty cool. I bet you guys had a blast biking around together. What did Mark ride??

  3. kim said,

    Had no clue this blog exsisited!! I was wandering when you guys got back!!! Did you love it? i love the pictures! I am so glad you guys enjoyed it. Call me
    Love Kim

  4. Susie said,

    Okay, so where is the picture of you on a banana bike? I want to see that one posted, too!!

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