Roadside Show

June 26, 2008 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

We had a little excitement on our way home this evening. I had gone down to my parents house to pick up the kids from their weekly play day. We had driven just a few blocks and were stopped at the light at 16th St & Glendale. I was in the far right lane about 3 cars back.

A man was walking across in the crosswalk holding something up about head level – kind of looked like a big cardboard sign at first. Just as he hit the corner a Phoenix Police SUV pulls up (half blocking my lane) and two cops jump out and go over to him.

After a few words one office “helped” him find a seat on the big canal thing (like a huge concrete block) and they pointed at the thing he was carrying. It was obvious he wasn’t going to show it to them and so the officer attempted to grab it. THAT’S when things got exciting. The guy stood up and started to back away.

So now the officer is trying to grab him and the guy is backing away and into our traffic lanes (the light is still red). The other officer, a female is trying to help him, but honestly at this point it looked a little bit like a girl slap fight (mainly because the guy kept blocking the officers attempts to grab him).

By now they’ve crossed 3 lanes of still-stopped traffic. Then a nicely-dressed man comes running up from somewhere behind us and he tries to help. Now the guy is mostly on the ground in a lane of oncoming traffic (so he’s crossed 4 lanes). That traffic is stopped and at least one of those men has hopped out of their car to help.

So it took no less than 4 men and one women to get this guy handcuffed. They walked him back to the corner in front of all of us. The side of the guys face was all bloody – I’m sure eaten up by the asphalt. (Probably a little sizzly too as it was 110 today).

When we finally got through the intersection we went through the McD drive-thru on the corner. By the time we got done there was a fire truck, ambulance and 3 other cop cars there.



  1. cpg said,

    So did you watch the news to see what it might have been? They never seem to show the things that I want to know about.

  2. Jenny said,

    I really miss Phoenix! So much excitement! But I’m left hanging – I really want to know what he was holding up.

  3. Stacey said,

    Wow, that’s some great excitement for one ride home. Did the kids ask a lot of question about it. That’s about the point when I start saying things like “That man was very naughty. The policemen had to take care of him. I’m sure they were just doing their jobs!”

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