My Day Job

June 18, 2008 at 8:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I seldom write about my “other” job on here – you know, the one that doesn’t involve wiping snotty noses, refereeing fights and stepping over Legos.

But I love what I get to do as the “Communications Coordinator” at Palm Valley Church. I’m responsible for all the print and online media that we put out. I started over 5 years ago as a volunteer, helping Pastor Greg out with a few pieces. In all honesty it was mostly because I cringed every week when I saw the bulletin and its many typefaces 🙂 But as a church plant getting off the ground priorities were understandably elsewhere. So I did a few volunteer things. Then I had Natalie and transitioned to being a SAHM and PVC started paying me hourly to do mailers, bulletins a few things like that.

Three years later with the church at around 1,500 people and 4 services it was time for them to bring someone on staff full time and I was quite content to be at home with the kiddos and, in fact, was ready for a break. So I had two years off (from that job) until last August when I went back to work to pick up the overflow. It was part time, 3 days a week while Natalie was in preschool.

Then in January my boss left for another job. So since then it’s been just me. I work about about 3/4 time, mostly in the office and some from home. After 5 years “at home” it’s been fun to be in an office environment again and I love the staff at Palm Valley – they are like family. I get to share an office with Derrick, the worship director, which means I’ve always got a song stuck in my head. But it also means I get to preview the weekends worship which is fun.

The project I’m working on right now is one of my favorites. It’s a piece that has been on the pile for awhile, with ideas percolating in my head and I am thrilled at the way it turned out. It’s actually just one brochure in a series of 6.

So here’s a glimpse of what I do…

Granted this is the first draft and it may get changed once the reviews have come in. But I’m having fun with it.



  1. Stacey said,

    Sure looks super cute to me! I think you’ve got something great going on there. Can’t wait to see it when it’s all done :o) You’ve been blessed with an eye for this kind of thing. I’m glad you’re able to use your talents for the Lord!

  2. Jen said,

    I’ts really cuper cute. Good Job.

    Let me just take a moment here to celebrate the gifts God has given you. Everyone will have to wait to see what an AWESOME job you did designing the Grafted Tree website. It is super top notch and we are SO THANKFUL to have one so willing to share of her time and talents! You’re the best Julie!

  3. Kimbasa said,

    I’m lovin’ that brochure! Hope you make one for the nursery!!! Getting close to time for the Judester to head on over there!

  4. green3 said,

    You do good work!

  5. kristen said,

    Fantastic as usual! I continue to be amazed at your talent a creativity. I wihs you would send me more of what you do! Go with it!

  6. Phil (your brother) said,

    Super cute, like she said, but where are your super cute kids?

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