Heartache & Blessings

May 2, 2008 at 9:19 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s been quiet here. For the last 3 weeks’ I’ve been a single parent as Mark has been in Africa. So it’s been a tad busy to say the least but in all it’s gone well. He is home tomorrow and we are so glad!

But today we lost a four-legged member of our family – our dear, sweet, mischievous basset hound named Snickers. Technically it’s been awhile since she’s been mischievous as she was 13 years old. But she was always a troublemaker at heart 🙂 Boy could I tell some stories, and I will another day.

When I came home from work this afternoon she was lying in the grass. I confess that lately, whenever I see her lying somewhere, I strain to make sure she’s breathing. I realized she wasn’t and when I went outside to check on her it was apparent that she had died sometime during the day – most likely while she was sleeping.

Natalie (5) was home and Noah was due to arrive in 10 minutes or so. I kind of stumbled around for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do. I called my MIL who said she’d call the Humane Society. I called my vet who said we could bring her in there and talked about our “options”. The problem was getting her to the vet. Physically she’s a 60lb dog that even, on my best day, is hard for me to get into the van. Emotionally I wasn’t sure I could even manage to get her into a blanket or anything.

So I started making some calls – other staff members that lived close by. I finally got hold of Art, Stacey’s dad, who came over. While I stayed in the house he got Snickers onto a towel and then when my MIL & FIL got here, he loaded her into the back of the truck and covered her up. I cannot tell you how huge a blessing this was to not have to do this myself or just have some stranger come and do it. THANK YOU ART!

While my MIL & FIL stayed with the kids and got them dinner I went and picked up Stacey who accompanied me for morale support to the vets office. While my naturally tendency is to not “need” help in situations like this I am so glad that Stacey was there for a shoulder to cry on – and help me laugh some too. THANKS STACEY!

The kids are quite heartbroken. I’m not sure Natalie understand the finality of it because she’s said things like “if Snickers dies” or “when Snickers dies” still. Both, of course, want to know if Snickers will be in heaven so they can see her again. That one is a sticky issue (and a topic of theological debate at our house). I’ve tried to keep them focused on the happy memories we have of her and the funny stories. I told them we’d put together a scrapbook of Snickers too.

Mark happened to call me on Skype in the midst of all of this so I was able to tell him. He felt bad that I was having to deal with it on my own but we both know it was probably better. God’s timing is always best!

I am so thankful for family and friends that are there for us in times like these. What a huge blessing!



  1. Stacey said,

    I’m so sorry that you lost your family friend today. I am however very glad I was able to come with you and support you through all of it. You know that I’m always here for you and would do anything for you and your family! Hang in there and know that we all love you guys very much!!

  2. Susie said,

    I was so sad when Art told me about your dog!! Right away, I asked if it was Snickers, even though I didn’t really know your dog, I’ve heard you talk about him before. It’s never easy to lose a pet and explaining it to the kids is even harder. I’m glad Art and Stacey were there to help out! You can call on us anytime for anything! You and your family have been such a blessing in our lives and we would drop everything to run and help you anytime, day or night!

    Great idea to scrapbook with the kids about Snickers!

  3. Sherry said,

    I am so sorry to hear about your dog Snickers. That is so hard to loose a dog that you have had so long. Hang in there and I will pray that the kids can understand. (I think that dogs go to heaven). Keep your chin up. I am glad Dad could help and Stacey could go with you as well.

  4. kim said,

    oh my goodness, you Christ Martel, and Amy have all lost puppies. I am so sorry! Poor snickers, I only met her once but I am sad for the loss to your family. Hopefully your other dog will be okay and not too lonely.

    love Kim

  5. cpg said,

    That is such an adorable picture. When was it taken? Your other dog needs a good grooming really bad! When this is all over I will see to that.

  6. The Box said,

    […] would be the box with the ashes of our dog who died on […]

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