Putting Some Money Where My Mad Is

April 23, 2008 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized)


In the time it takes me to write this blog post, 6 children will die of a disease that is completely preventable and treatable. Does that make you MAD or what? It’s a disease that has been eradicated in the U.S. but that claims the lives of 3,000 children each day. That, to me, is UNACCEPTABLE.

Compassion International has launched a campaign called Bite Back to help end this terrible disease in Africa. The BITE BACK campaign wants to provide 300,000 nets to children across Africa through Compassion International. In addition to the nets, Compassion works with communities to provide insecticide spraying, education and other malaria prevention strategies.

For $10 a bed net will help protect a child from malaria for 3 years. Considering that many African families have multiple people sleeping in a bed your $10 donation may actually be helping save more lives than that.

So here’s your chance to do something that doesn’t cost a lot but has a big impact. To donate, click here then come back and leave a comment that says “I did it”. I’m posting this over on my adoption blog too. My goal is to get 25 nets donated. (If you donate for more than one let me know.)

I “put my money where my mad is” and donated 5 nets (not counting toward my goal).



  1. Jenny said,

    I did it! I agree with you completely, it is unacceptable and I’m so glad you found this way for us to help!

  2. Stacey said,

    I really want to help with this but I’m just not sure I can at this time. I promise as soon as I have the money I will come back and donate!

  3. Mark said,

    They are so needed. We slept under nets in all but a couple stops (Cape Town is not a malaria risk right now). Certainly the nets will go a long way to helping save lives, and the education is important as well – Zambia had a national ad campaign (signs and billboards) about using mosq nets to save lives – the poor can’t afford the transportation to the dr visit or medicine if they get sick, so prevention is vital. While we visited the Vice President of Zambia, his older son was in bed ill with malaria.

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