Name suggestions?

April 14, 2008 at 4:39 pm (Parenting)

So I’m desperately seeking name suggestions for the two new kiddos that we are adopting. You can read this post for more info and either post your comments here or there.

For background – our two bio kids are Noah and Natalie. We did not pick both “N” names intentionally, it just happened. That being said I wonder if our two new kids will feel left out if they don’t have “N” names.

But really, there’s not a lot of variety in N names.

For W-boy we could go with:

NEHEMIAH (not that excited)
NICKLAUS (Nicklaus-yes, spelled like the golfer-was one we had picked out as a possibility when we had Noah but then it would get shortened to Nick Gumm and then you start with the Nicorette Gum jokes)

NATHAN – too close to Natalie and my dad’s name of Nathaniel.

The names we DO like are Daniel and Micah.

For B-girl we could go with:

NAIYA (sounds Russian)
NAOMI (not bad, maybe growing on me)
NATASHA (again, Russian)
NICOLE (like it)
NORAH (kind of cool)
NYLA (sounds African maybe?)

Stacey had the great idea of giving them names that start with the same letter, but not necessarily N. So if we named W-boy Micah then we come up with an M name for B-girl.

So I need girl names that start with either D or M. I’m counting on you guys!



  1. Stacey said,

    Okay, here’s what I’ve got for a girl name with the letter “D”…


    I’m going to keep thinking of more names for the other letters :o)

  2. phyllisthezebra said,

    a lot of my asian friends pick american names based on what sounds the most like their actual name. would that be a possibility? or find a nickname that is pronounceable to americans without completely changing their name? a gal i work with did that with her daughter. her daughter is from kyrgystan and her full name is hard for us to pronounce, but the shortened version is easy to say and spell.

  3. kristen Piver said,

    I love Nyla because it sounds African, but I thought the purpose was to sound american for their sake. Thing is, I am so fond of both their names that I cannot imagine them as anyone else! I’ll keep thinking though.
    Are you sold on N and M names?

  4. bookgirl76 said,


    Magdalena or

    D names are hard to come up with aren’t they! I’ll keep thinking!

  5. Shawnette said,

    I found your blog through Susie. She was my Youth leader and GOOD friend while I was growing up. Anyhow I thought I would share with you the name a friend of mine named her daughter. Nevaeh. It is Heaven backwards. I love it so much. You pronouce it NA VA UH.

  6. Susie said,

    How about going with J names for the girl and M names for the boy? That way you would have 2 N names 2 J names and 2 M names in your family. Just another crazy thought!

  7. jgumm said,

    Oh, that’s a good idea Susie! So let’s here some good girl J names.

  8. Susie said,

    Wow, I just came up with the idea, you mean I have to contribute names, too? J is kind of hard now that I’m working on it and obviously we don’t want something that would be too close or confusing with your name. Here are a few ideas I came up with, thanks to!! Some of these are very cute.

    Jada – wise
    Jamie – supplanter
    Janiah – God is gracious (like the sound of it)
    Jasmine – flower
    Jayla – happy
    Janae – God is gracious
    Jessica – He sees (Jessie sounds cute with Natie)
    Jiana – God is gracious
    Jocelyn – happy, joyful
    Journey – days journey
    Joy – to rejoice

  9. Stacey said,

    So Julie, what do you think? Like the J and M name thing? You’ll have to let us know what’s buzzing around in your head now :o)

  10. jgumm said,

    Here’s 3 J names that I like

    Janiya (Beloved)
    Jada (thankful)
    Jaleela (wait for God)

    Of course I have NO idea what Mark will think of these. Ugh! This is hard.

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