WFMW: Managing Fonts (& Installing Them)

April 8, 2008 at 9:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Well since Shannon’s WFMW has to do with downloading free fonts I thought I’d give y’all some other font-related tips.

First, how to install fonts. Usually a site like urban fonts or will give you a link to download a zip file. I always save the file to my desktop.  Next, unzip the folder. If you’re a PC user, right click and go to “Extract All”. If you’re a Mac user…well I don’t know. Just keep clicking next on the Wizard that pops up and you’ll end up with another folder on your desktop by the same name that will have one or more font files in it.

Hit your Start Menu (lower left of screen), go to Control Panel. Push that to one side of your screen with your new folder of fonts on the other. Now select the new font files and drag them over to the “Font” folder in your control panel. It will install the fonts lickety split.  FYI. Sometimes if you have a program already open when you install new fonts you will need to quit it and reopen to get the font choices to show up.

If you become a font addict then you may want to look into a font management program. I use one called “The Font Thing” that is FREE. It lets you quickly look at all your fonts, even break them up into categories so you can say, see all the “handwriting” fonts.



  1. Kelsey said,


  2. Amy said,

    Oh, good! I needed to know this. Thanks!

  3. cpg said,

    Wow! I thought I was stuck with the ones I have and there aren’t even any I like in those. Thanks Julie.

  4. Crystal said,

    Thanks so much. I love fonts but hate downloading them. This will make it so much easier.

  5. Jennifer said,

    thanks –
    It took me forever to figure it out on my own. I ended up with some hastily scrawled notes to self.

    It kills me how some computer links will have “instructions” such as : now search your browser and download file into fonts.”

    Well, if I could figure out how to do THAT, I wouldn’t be reading your instructions, now would I? 🙂
    They have a knack for skipping right over the very thing I need instructions for!!

    But yours were very helpful, thank you very much.


  6. CC said,

    I heart dafont! I’m going to look at that font management thing you mentioned too! Thanks!

    BTW, I’m an adoptive mommy too! 🙂

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