WMFW: Is that E-mail a Hoax or Real?

March 18, 2008 at 10:37 pm (Works For Me Wednesday)


You know those emails you get about how Bill Gates will give you $1 for every person you forward the email to…or that Glade PlugIn Freshners can burn your house down…or the serial killer who tries to lure you outside by sounding like a crying baby?

Well 95% of them are totally hoaxes. Or they’re about 5 years old and the problem has been remedy.

So before you forward on that really interesting email, do EVERYONE a favor and go to snopes.com to check it out.

In the search box just type in a few key words like “glade fire hazard” and you’ll mostly likely find a verdict on the story you were sent. I’ve never had something not on snopes.

If someone sends me something that is a hoax (and inevitabley sent it to 30 other people), I usually reply back with a quick email that says “Hey, just wanted to let you know this isn’t really true. You can get more info at (and paste the exact Snopes URL). I always check stuff on snopes.com before I forward.”

Spread the word! Stop the hoaxes!



  1. Edi said,

    Thanks for posting this – I’ve known about snopes for a long time – but the fact that we still get those emails from friends shows that OTHER PEOPLE need to hear about Snopes too!!!!!!

    It especially drives me crazy to receive one of those emails that are so ridiculous from people who rarely send me a normal email. Surely they must just send it out to everyone in their address book. Sigh.

    We do the same – we say (nicely of course) that it’s a hoax and where they can check in the future.

  2. Kelley said,

    THANK YOU! I use snopes quite a bit too. It’s amazing what people will believe, isn’t it?

  3. Stacey said,

    I’ve never used snopes but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. My Mom uses it sometimes and I’ve heard you talk about it before. I just delete most of those emails without even reading them most of the time. It’s so frustrating to have them filling up my box! Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to go on there and check it out some day :o)

  4. mom2fur said,

    I’m always iffy about anything like that, too. It’s fun to check out odd stories, and you are right…most of them are hoaxes!

    Another idea is to never click on a link, no matter how ‘real’ an e-mail looks. I get phoney ones from Paypal.com–they look authentic, right down to the logo. But they are often a trick to get you to another site! Instead, always type the site into your search box and check it out that way.

  5. Melissa said,

    Snopes and i are bosom buddies. I also send a quick email to people who send me such emails and let them know. I figure I am educationg one emailer at a time. It has taken me years, but my mom finally is getting it figured out (she trusts everyone). And now she and my stepdad will email me asking if I think an email is legit…

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