Obvious God Thing

March 18, 2008 at 9:43 pm (Faith)

I love it when God shows up in a way that makes it so obvious that it’s him answering our prayers and not just things “working out”.

My best friend is a single mom of 3 who just recently lost what child support she was getting. So she went hunting for a serving job (that’s waitressing for you politically incorrect 🙂 but ended up just finding a hostessing job at a big chain restaurant. They told her “maybe” she could move into a server job somewhere down the road but it didn’t sound too encouraging. She’s doing great and enjoying it but NOT making her bills. She soon realized the only way she could make her bills w/o working 5 nights a week (and being away from her kids) was to have a serving job.  After much prayer and deliberation she decided she’d just approach her manager and tell her that she needed a server job or she’d have to start looking for one elsewhere. When we talked earlier today she said she “knew” they’d say they didn’t have anything or couldn’t move her, but she was going to try it anyways.

This evening I got a text message from her “I got it! Serving w/in the month. PTL!” (That’s “praise the Lord” in text-ese). How awesome is that! God showed up in a big way and I know it was a huge encouragement for her and fun for me to witness.



  1. Stacey said,

    I’m so excited for her! That poor girl has just had a rough time these last few years but I’m constantly amazed at her strength. She is on my heart often and I know God is going to continue to provide for her and the kids! I’m just going to keep praying!!

  2. kristen piver said,

    WOW! What an amazing and obvious blessing from God! I guess she’ll think twice before she questions God’s plan or wonders how on earth she can trust Him! 😉
    She must be an great woman! (tee hee!)

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