Mind Dump

March 11, 2008 at 3:37 pm (Uncategorized)

I feel so bad for neglecting my blog lately so you’re getting the random roundup of what’s going on!

  • My brother and his wife are adopting! Yeah. (They actually had adoption plans long before we did.)
  • Mark’s grandmother is in the hospital and apparently had a stroke. They are still doing testing.
  • Mark’s sister Jenny is coming for a unplanned visit next week so we get to see her all cute and pregnant. Yeah!
  • It’s spring break for my oldest and today I have put out about 900 arguments. My five year old just entered the room to tell me “The Wii is cheating!” Life is rough isn’t it.
  • Next week they are both off ALL week. Hubby gets to be parent on duty as I have to work 🙂 Except for Tuesday.
  • Friends who are adopting passed court yesterday and officially parents of two beautiful girls.
  • We are anxiously awaiting updated pictures of our two newest children.
  • I have freelance work piling up. It just keeps coming. Five web sites, some misc. print pieces. Whew! But it is a blessing.
  • We got to hear from the Director of Tumaini Ministries last weekend. My parents spent some time working at their orphanage last fall and Eunice was in the states. They have a beautiful facility and awesome plans to build cottages on 50 acres of land in Kenya that will house orphans in a home-like environment.
  • After the presentation we got to have yummy cheesecake with our friends Dustin and Jen. It was just a really neat time of conversation about what is going on in our lives.
  • We are having a big garage sale on March 29th – combined forces with Dustin and Jen and one other adoptive family. Proceed will go toward adoption expenses. We have tons of stuff piled in our garage from friends (and a generous amount from our own house – how do we collect so much crap?)
  • Church is gearing up for our big spring carnival this weekend. We’re having an egg hunt with 30,000 Easter Eggs, including about half of them being dropped out of a helicopter. Should be great fun! (www.easteratpalmvalley.com)


  1. Kelley said,

    man, I wish I could drop off some stuff for your garage sale… I’m in so much trouble if we ever decide to move again!

  2. Stacey said,

    Sounds like you’ve got lots going on! I wish we could have gone out this week but this sick thing has kicked my butt :o) Maybe next week?

  3. bookgirl76 said,

    Oh Julers! I just love reading your blog. And thanks for reading mine! I am glad we have this cool way to stay up to date with eachother!

  4. Sherry said,

    You do have lots going on. But you had enough time to help us after Mom had surgery. Thanks for the dinner. Yummy!

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