Snowy Weekend

February 11, 2008 at 7:52 pm (Fun)

We got away this weekend to go up north to the family cabin in Strawberry, Arizona. We had originally planned to do it over President’s Day weekend but last Monday there was a big storm and they got 15" of snow at the cabin which is a rarity.

So we made a last minute decision to go this weekend instead. We spent some time hunting down some appropriate snow gear (us desert rats are ill prepared).

We didn’t know how much snow would still be left by Friday but we loved seeing several inches still on the ground when we arrived. We didn’t spend much time outside as it was late by the time we arrived.

It hit about 18 degrees Friday night but we were snuggly warm – I think that’s the only time in our 14 years of marriage that Mark has slept under an electric blanket.

Saturday morning, however, we realized that we weren’t too smart when we pulled the van up next to the cabin and it was STUCK! Mark spent at least an hour trying to get it out to no avail. So we called our trusty USAA Roadside Assistance (LOVE THEM!) to get a tow truck. Of course by the time he arrived I guess enough snow had melted that he was able to drive it out. Oh well!

We loaded the kids and the sled in the van and headed off to try and find an appropriate sledding area. We really had no idea where we were going but we soon came upon about 2 dozen cars lined up on the side of the road. Didn’t take much to figure out this was the sledding spot. It was a huge area that was really great. There were tons of people out with inner tubes, folding chairs, coolers, little stoves. Us, we didn’t even bring a bottle of water. (Natalie and I resorted to eating the snow 🙂

The kids had a blast. Mark and Noah discovered that the BIG hill was definitely made for inner tubes and NOT plastic sleds as they caught air several times and ended the ride with sore tail bones.






  1. Susie said,

    Looks like fun, family memories! Some of the best times are the ones that are spontaneous! Looks like a good day for Starbucks or hot cocoa!

  2. Jen said,

    The pics look like it was a BLAST! I love Natalie’s face in the first one!

  3. Mark said,

    Somehow you conveniently left out the pics of the wipeout where you ended up on top of Natalie and she had a meltdown.

  4. Stacey said,

    Man, it looks like you guys had a blast!

    Josh saw the pictures and said “Ohhhhh man, that is sooooo cool!” He’s never seen snow up close and personal before :o)

  5. Kelley said,

    What fun! I recently got pics from the Harshmans trip to go sledding in the snow in Payson too.

  6. Aunt Jenny said,

    I’m jealous, I’ve never even been sledding (or sledging as they call it here) despite having seen snow! What a fun trip.

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