Wii Elbow

December 26, 2007 at 9:48 pm (Home)

I’ve got a serious case of Wii elbow…and Wii shoulder.

I think it might need medical attention 🙂

This year we opted for one "family gift" and purchased a Wii. Noah’s been bugging us for one since they came out but since we just bought the Gamecube like a year ago I thought that was pretty silly. Well you know, boys and their toys. Dad thought it would be great fun and something we could all play together. So we decided on the family gift. I figure you divide $250 by 4 gifts (2 kids, ours to each other) and that was pretty good.

So we’ve been having a blast. It was the hit of Christmas Day with the Aunts and Uncles and even grandparents getting in on some of the bowling action. The last two nights Mark and I have stayed up past 10 playing. He’s boxing as we speak.

We figure it’ll make a good "at home date night" so we can save up for the adoption 🙂



  1. Kelley said,

    We got a Wii earlier this year and we love it. I’ve never really gotten into the PS2 or Xbox games, but the Wii is so unique, and they have more games for younger kids, I think. It is amazing how “physical” it really it can be..and how athletic ability really can transfer to the game – my Grandpa beat Nathon in golf when he was visiting in July. Have fun!

  2. Stacey said,

    You’re a nut! Jeff and I considered the Wii but decided to a family DS this year instead. I think the game cube is still working out for us right now.

    Have fun on the Wii though. I like how you can make little Wii Mii people :o)

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