Oh My, The Cookies

December 22, 2007 at 4:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Working at the church office definitely has it perks, but no one told me what it was like at holiday time! It’s like a revolving door of cookie trays! And they are awesome. Brenda brought in a tray that must have had, and I am NOT exaggerating, like 40 different kinds of cookies. The were so delicious. Mark and I probably ate about 4 each before we went back to his office and realized she had brought us our own goodie tray. We promptly hid that and took it home 🙂 The kids favorite thing was the Nutter Butter Santa & Snowman.


It’s a good thing I’m not going in the office much in the next two weeks!



  1. Cathy Gumm said,

    Are there any macaroons left? I would love to try them since Mark was sweet enough to tell me how great they were and he thought of me when he ate them.

  2. Stacey said,

    Wow, that’s a good idea! I never thought about bringing something in for all the staff like that. I’ll have to keep that in mind next time. Those cookies are super cute and they look pretty easy :o)

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