Our Big Announcement

December 18, 2007 at 1:48 pm (Parenting)

Adoption BlogThe Gumm family will be getting two new additions this year as we will be adopting!

Over the last year, God has really laid a burden on both of our hearts to care for widows and orphans as we are called to do in scripture. There are many ways this can be done – financial, missions trips, etc. and we
are looking at all the ways in which we can be a blessing to this special group of people. But one way we know that we can get involved is to open our homes and our hearts.

We are applying to adopt an older sibling group (between the ages of 5-8) from Ethiopia, Africa. We have just begun the arduous paperwork process and it will most likely be 9 months or so before we bring our new family members
home. The kids are super excited and pray daily that “God will help us find the right kids to adopt”.

I set up a separate adoption blog – www.fourplusmore.com that will focus on our adoption journey and finding ways to minister to the widows and orphans.



  1. green3 said,

    WOW! God definitely had a plan for you and helped you get out debt so that you can do some good in this world. Congrats to all of you!

  2. Stacey said,

    So excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see how God is going to work all of this out. What a wonderful blessing for the new year! Praying for you each day about what God is doing in your lives :o)

  3. Kelley - O2BNAZ said,

    Keep us posted – we’re so excited for your family (and the children who will get to join you)! Praying for you every step of the way…

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