We’re Back!!!

November 17, 2007 at 7:24 pm (Travel)

We are safely home from Mexico, off the high seas – although my body hasn’t quite registered the change yet. Haven’t found my "sea legs"…or haven’t lost them, I’m not sure which. As I sit here the room feels like it’s swaying gently. It’s a very strange sensation and slightly nauseating to tell you the truth. If it is like our last cruise it will probably last another day or so.

I’ve dubbed this the "Cruise of Twins" because, for some reason, all week long I kept seeing people who reminding me of someone. There was even one guy who looked like my brother Brad. None of them were dead ringers but it became a theme. It actually started in the airport with a girl that I could have sworn was my college roommate Nikki…except it wasn’t.

Unfortunately DH got sick the last day of the cruise with a nasty sinus infection or something. Hopefully he can get in to the doc early this week and get some antibiotics.

I’ll be back with more details about our week when the room isn’t spinning 🙂



1 Comment

  1. Stacey said,

    So glad you’re back. You’ve gotta post the pics of you with the monkey! I love that one!!

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