Recovered from Halloween

November 4, 2007 at 3:26 pm (Parenting)

Well, 4 days later and I am finally recovered from Halloween.

Actually it wasn’t Halloween that was so bad, it was the last minute costume shopping excursion.

Yes, I do it every year. Somehow between planning Noah’s(8) bday on Oct. 2 and Natalie’s (5) bday on Nov. 2, Halloween preparations seem to escape me.

I managed to get Natalie’s costume around the beginning of October – but it was pure luck as she happened to be with me in Wal-Mart and we happened to walk by the aisle when she screamed "Stop, mommy. Princess dresses!" After much debate and changing of the mind (she is ALL girl) she decided on Snow White. I’m not sure who told the costume people that little girls wearing a size 4-6 costume would have feet that are 3 inches wide but we paired it with some pretty patent black shoes we already had and we were all set.

It was for DS that I braved the party store on a SATURDAY, a mere 4 days before Halloween. For months he’s been asking to be Red Operation Overdrive Power Ranger. Problem is, is that last year he was the Red Mystic Force Power Ranger and I politely refused to buy a slightly different red power ranger costume. He was given 3 choices 1) pick something different 2) buy it w/ his own money or 3) wear last years costume. Unfortunately for me he choose #1.

So after a 3 hour church picnic where the kids drank copious amounts of soda and bounced their little brains out in the bounce houses, we headed to Party City. Did I mention it was a Saturday? And 4 days before Halloween? I knew this couldn’t be good.

I managed to snag a parking space right in front and was glad to see that they had pictures of all the costumes on the front window. Noah spent a few minutes debating before he had his choices – Transformer or Clone Trooper.

We went inside about 3 steps before we met what was apparently the back of the line. The line to just tell them what number costume you wanted. While we waited about 30 minutes we came upon another picture display. This one had the sizes crossed out for costumes they were out of. Of course, they were out of Transformers and Clone Troopers. He finally decided on Darth Vader despite my best attempts to get him to buy the Air Force Pilot costume.

Upon finally reaching the front of the line we say "#141 in a medium, please".  We give our name and are told to exit to the side and stand in yet another "line" (I use that term VERY loosely). After about 10 minutes they call our name. I happily clutch the precious costume to my chest, prepared to make a run for the front of the store. I hadn’t gone a mere 4 feet when I find myself at a table with two employees who now want to take my hard-earned costume in exchange for a red raffle-type ticket. They tell me my costume will be brought up to the front as they toss it into a shopping cart. Apparently they have a bit of a shoplifting problem???

I rolled my eyes, but politely made my way up to the front where we encountered yet ANOTHER line. By this time Natalie was pretty much sitting on my feet the entire time while Noah was picking up every noise-making costume accessory he could find. Forty minutes later (and I am NOT exaggerating) we finally made our way out of the store.

When we got home I promptly opened my 2008 Day Planner, found September 1st and wrote "BUY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!"




  1. Jenny said,

    They are so cute! Thanks for the picture! They really don’t know how to do halloween here in this country, I really miss it!

  2. Meredith said,

    Halloween makes me CRAZY! I talked my kids out of trick-or-treating this year and that literally cut my stress in half. My girls dressed up for their school parties, but they used costumes we already had. Yay!

    I would love to add you to my blogroll…would you mind??

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