No need to worry

September 22, 2007 at 9:36 pm (Uncategorized)

So last week I was all worried that everyone on our street would think I was a grouchy neighbor. Turns out I have no worries at all.

Yesterday some of the neighbor kids were out riding scooters, etc and the kids wanted to go out. I met one of the moms (we’ll call her C) on the street that I hadn’t met before and we got to talking. Well apparently I’ve been living in a cocoon because I did not know there was so much drama going on right under my nose.

Seems that the lady on the other end of the street has the police department on speed dial and will call the police to complain about C for whatever reasons – even told them she is fearful of her life. Trust me – C is not at all scary. So I went home later thinking that if the cops did show up at that party then at least they probably assumed it was that lady 🙂

Today, around 5 I noticed the kids were out again so we went out. There were kids from 4 different families out all of whom had a parent outside watching. Whenever a car would turn on the street we would make sure everyone was out of the way, etc. Over at C’s house her husband and a couple of his friends stood in the driveway talking. None of the kids went anywhere near Grouchy’s house. (Seem’s C had another run in with Grouchy last night when she called the police and complained that they were being too loud in their garage. The police looked it up in their computer and saw that it was the 4th complaint the lady had called in.)

So today, we’d been out about 30 minutes when 3 police cars pulled in the street – 3!!!! One stopped in front of C’s house. The other two spaced out a little. Grouchy had called the cops and told them that a) the kids were playing in the street unattended b) the men were standing in the middle of the street drinking and c) we were too loud. Wow – none of it was true!

Fortunately one of the officers kind of knew the situation. They talked with the guys for awhile and then left. About 30 minutes later one of the officers returned, parked in front of Grouchy’s house and went in – was still in there when we went inside. Hopefully telling her to stop harassing the neighbors.


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  1. Stacey said,

    That is so strange… I wonder if she’s related to the grouchy neighbor on our street? I can’t believe people can be so rude!

    I wish all the grouchy neighbors in the world could meet up and form their own neighborhood. Wouldn’t that be nice??

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