WFMW – Stop solicitors

September 18, 2007 at 9:06 pm (Works For Me Wednesday)

The last two houses we have lived in have been in new developments. And somehow a new development seems to be a prime target for door-to-door solicitors – exterminators, water softeners, alarm systems – you name it, they come to sell it.

I actually had the same exterminator come to my door 3 times in one week. On the last visit when I opened the door with a very exasperated look he hesitated and said "Um, I’ve already been here haven’t I?" "YEAH!"

This is especially annoying if you have children who nap. Or if you nap (lucky duck!)

So off I went to Office Max and bought myself a $2 sign that says "No Soliciting". It’s stuck to the wall above my doorbell…and all is quiet. Every new house gets one.


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  1. Corrie said,

    I posted a small one just above my door knob, but with the screen door, you can’t really see it. I’ll have to put one by the doorbell instead.

  2. Kara Andrus said,

    I hate solicitors. We always get people selling cleaners. I finally scribbled out a No Soliciting sign and taped it to my door. What do you know, the next day a guy selling cleaner still tried to sell me something! I just said “Sir, I’m not interested, that’s why I put up a sign.” Ugh, so annoying.

  3. ~Amy said,

    I’ve done the same thing because we live right next to a highschool.

    we still get people…they will claim they aren’t solsicting or the lastest one said..”thought that meant no smoking in Spanish”

    I’ve seen people post those signs and under them say- except for Girl Scout Cookies.

  4. Milehimama said,

    Oh, I just tell them to come back on the first of the month, because that’s when the welfare check comes in. I add that they better get over here before the liquor stores open.

    I’ve got to entertain myself somehow!

  5. Barbara H. said,

    I’ve been meaning to get one of those. We’re not in new housing, but we get plenty of people wanting to sell us books, security systems, and rain gutters.

  6. Kelley - O2BNAZ said,

    Our subdivision has a “no soliciting” sign at the front entrance. It helps, but we still get some. I don’t mind the neighbor kids with their school fundraisers and GS Cookies (!), but the adults selling newspaper subscriptions and cleaners and coupon books, oh my! Especially if a contractor does work on one house in the neighborhood, they feel that gives them license to go around and solicit the rest of us.

  7. mom2fur said,

    I want one of those! We were finagled into buying two magazine subscriptions from two different kids…who didn’t let us know what they were up to until it was too late to say ‘no.’ I’m not talking local school kids, either. I’m talking some charity organization that drops the kids in the neighborhood!

  8. TX Poppet said,

    Yeah. I had a no Solicitors Sign. Unfortunately it didn’t work especially with the Jehovah’s Witnesses who were regular visitors. Now I have a new sign.
    I have found it is particularly effective when you have 2 Great Danes Peeking out the window.
    Since posting my new sign, we have been solicitor free for almost three months.

  9. Dawn said,

    I might have to get one of those. So far I’ve just taped a handwritten a sign to my front door that says “Do Not Disturb. Baby Sleeping.” But I can’t use that forever.

  10. stacey said,

    good thought!

  11. Kathy in WA said,

    This is great! I didn’t know they had little signs like that. My dh “hired” my oldest to make a sign on a little plaque but the first one he made didn’t turn out and the project has been set aside for months.

    Love your idea!

  12. Stacey said,

    That was a good idea!

  13. Marie said,

    I was considering one of those, but the people in my neighborhood probably don’t know what it means. I need one that says “Go Away” or “Proud Pitbull Breeder” or perhaps “I Only Buy Chocolate!”

  14. Mrs. Brownstone said,

    This is a great idea!

    Does it keep them from attaching stuff to your doorknob, too?

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