My New ‘Do

July 10, 2007 at 9:00 pm (Fun)

I got my hair makeover today! Yeah! I’ve have been wallowing in hair unhappiness for quite awhile. Growing out an old short hairstyle, growing out my bangs (why did I bother) and putting up with lovely roots while I tried to decide what to do with my hair.

I knew I wanted to go with one all over color because my hope was that I could learn to do it myself and save myself several hundred dollars a year. I briefly contemplated going blonde since, with my highlights, my hair was pretty light (at least on top) and I’ve never been blonde. But in the end I decided to go back to a darker brown.

I am fortunate enough to have an AWESOME friend who is a hairstylist (though now a SAHM). I cajolled her into helping me figure out the right color for my hair and to show me how to do it without turning my hair orange. (Don’t laugh, it’s been done – TWICE!)

She also gave me a ROCKIN’ hairstyle that was EXACTLY what I wanted and was even longer than I thought it might end up when trying to blend the growing-out layers.

My daughter (who was there) seems to not really have an opinion.

My 7 yr old son (when I picked him up) glanced at my hair, promptly crossed his arms across his chest and gave me a VERY disapproving look. He does not like change.

Hubby somehow managed to avoid giving his opinion and instead asked the kids what they thought.  He doesn’t like to weigh in on hair issues 🙂

So here is the new do. I realize to those of you that only know me in the blog world it really doesn’t look much different than my profile picture. But that was like 2 years old.

JEN – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Photography by Noah (7)



  1. Stacey said,

    You look completely different in that picture for some reason. I love the color and the cut! You look so awesome!!

  2. Kelley said,

    I really like it, Julie! It’s so hard to get just the right amount of bangs – not too wispy, not to heavy. She did do a great job!

    I’m having a hair dilemma too. I’ve found a cut that I really like, but the picture I keep showing people isn’t getting me the desired result, for some reason. And, I’m too chicken to mess with the color, even though I hate it.

    PS – Orange hair isn’t so bad. I kinda like orange hair, actually….but I’m a little biased. 😉

  3. Brooke said,

    Love it, the color goes well with your eyebrows! Boys never deal with change with our hair ~ what is up with that?

  4. Phil Rhodes (Julie's bro) said,

    What happened? Noah catch you off guard? You’re supposed to smile! Is that really you? Hehe.

  5. HolyMama! said,

    you look so gorgeous! what is it about that haircut that makes your eyes so pretty?!

  6. Tina said,

    I LOVE it! You look great!

  7. Shalee said,

    You look maaaahvelous!

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