Summer Impossible

July 3, 2007 at 12:47 pm (Home)

There is one thing I’ve learned in the last 4 weeks. My house gets A LOT messier in the summer! With two kids home all day, getting creative, it is next to impossible to keep my house picked up.

Yesterday the kids set up play in the living room. I’m not sure exactly what they were doing but it ended up with the slipcover off the couch, the hide-a-bed sofa pulled out and furniture rearranged.



I left them too it because secretly I was upstairs in there rooms, purging toys. I can’t remember which organizing blog it was (I looked but couldn’t find the post again) where the mom talked about her kids not being able to keep their rooms cleaned. She and her child went through their room and got rid of 1/2 the toys. It helped for awhile but then they were right back at it again. So they cut it in 1/2 again and it is much better.

Since reading that post I have been vastly aware of the fact that my kids just have TOO many toys. Stuff they don’t even play with anymore. My 4 year old is actually pretty good about parting with stuff. She had a couple Dora dolls that she was willing to sell (the promise of money is always good). There’s a whole lot of stuff I didn’t even ask about.

My 7 year old is a different story. He is a pack rat by nature. EVERYTHING is the most beloved treasure and cannot be parted with. About 2 weeks ago he was sent into his room to clean up the explosion that had happened. Three and a half hours later (and I am NOT exaggerating) it was still a mess. I told him he had 30 more minutes and if it wasn’t cleaned I would be confiscating stuff. Of course it was still not clean. I told him he could pick 2 sets of toys – he chose Legos and Transformers. I let him keep 5 stuffed animals. Everything else – and I do mean EVERYTHING went up on my closet shelves. My theory is that by the end of summer he will not even remember what is there and I can get rid of it.

There have been a couple of times where he has asked for something out of a box (answer – NO) but it’s always some little thing – not his GI Joe action figures or some of the "larger" toys.

So I have a huge pile of stuff that is off to Goodwill and I am feeling freer.

And yes, they cleaned up the living room mess eventually.


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  1. Stacey said,

    Wow, I’ve never seen your front room look so good! Do you hire them our for interior decorating? I’m sure they could really help my kids with our house!

    That’s so funny that you’re cleaning out toys… Jeff and I just talked about that last night. We really need to do it with both the boys having birthdays this summer!

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