Happy Birthday Honey!

June 19, 2007 at 4:45 am (Parenting)

Hubby is turning the big 3-5 today! Happy Birthday sweetheart. We met some 19 years ago and fell in love about a year after that (after I broke up with that other guy). I’m sure I could dig up some really funny picture of him from his younger days – like the one in his wrestling uniform (my mom calls it his "romper"). Or the one where he had a mullet during the mandatory "grow your hair out in rebellion your freshman year of college" phase.

There are many sides to my dear sweet husband. He has what I call his "military mode" – this is his serious, all-business face that he puts on during long-ago military functions, while teaching a class, or leading a meeting. It’s his work-mode. At the church office they nicknamed him "The Machine" because he’s efficient and he gets stuff done and he can be ALL BUSINESS.

But he has a super silly side that not everyone gets to see. This is the Mark that gives me a "goose" as we’re walking through the parking lot to the restaurant. The man who doesn’t mind stopping to ask for directions…

from a wax WWII soldier 🙂

He is super-competitive and has been known to bend make up rules to his advantage. (In all fairness this is taught to all Gumm men by their forefathers.) He will get out the ruler (or his hand if one is not handy) to figure out who’s ball came closer.

He is an awesome dad. He loves our kids and is passing on a Godly heritage that he learned from those aforementioned forefathers.  He will wrestle them, throw them in the air (no matter how much it hurts his shoulder)


He even makes Mickey Mouse pancakes.

He gives me nights out with Stacey and even week-long trips to visit Kristen. And then writes really sweet posts like this or this, while I’m gone.

And his heart…I’m not sure how to put into words the heart of my husband, and for that matter the heart of his father and his grandfather. They would literally give you the shirt off their back. We tease my father-in-law about being a big crier – he’ll get choked up telling a story or just thinking about someone. The other day he was sorting through some papers and found my Baccalaureate program from 1991. He was reading the list of names (just the names) and he got all teary-eyed. That same heart is in my dear hubby. He truly has a heart for hurting people. He will give away all the money in his pocket to a family in need. He will pray with someone who is hurting, cry with them, laugh with them.

So Happy Birthday sweetheart (and Happy Father’s Day). We are blessed to have you.



  1. Kelley said,

    Anyone who knows you guys knows that every word of this post is TRUE!

    Happy Birthday, Mark!

  2. Stacey said,

    Happy Birthday Mark!

    Julie, you’ve got a great guy on your hands… I think you should keep him 🙂

  3. Jen said,

    Happy b-day Mark! You and Julie make a most awesome team!

  4. Brooke said,

    Happy Birthday Mark!! I love to hear how special our husbands our to us. Thanks for blogging great things about yours!

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