My New Pet Project

April 9, 2007 at 4:24 pm (Uncategorized)

So I told you awhile back about how excited I was about planning the women’s retreat for church? Well here’s my other new pet project – the women’s blog for our church. We’re working on getting the word out to all the women so here is a good a start as any. So ladies of Palm Valley, and others too, head on over to

Soul Spa (

My first post is up today. It’s some thoughts from the Beth Moore study of Daniel that I’ve been leading for the last 9 weeks.



  1. Stacey said,

    I was just over there and it looks great! You did a nice job of getting it all set-up!!

    BTW, I love the new look here 🙂

  2. Kelley said,

    I can’t tell you how it warms my heart to see churches utilizing the blogosphere. But you probably already know exactly how happy it makes me.

    May your women’s blog be a place where women can feel connected in the isolated world of SAHMs and 9-to-5 jobs, and everyone in between.

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