In-house Geek Squad

April 8, 2007 at 1:00 pm (Uncategorized)

If you’d been at my house last week, particularly in the evenings, you would have witnessed much gnashing of teeth and slamming of the mouse. I was about to chuck my laptop out the window at how slow it was going. I had hubby all ready to buy me a new one.

Then, while putting my old hard drive back in (because I forgot to backup a couple things) he took a look at the CPU fan. It had a layer of dust on it about 1/4" thick. It wasn’t even really dust, it looked like the stuff you peel off your dryer lint trap.

And now it runs beautifully and quietly. Now hubby is expecting $79 for his tech services. Hopefully a couple "You’re my hero"s will be enough.



  1. Brooke said,

    Julie, I have never thought about taking our old laptop apart to see if it has dryer lint on the fan. I wish I had known you 3 years ago when it was screaming for help! Anyways, here I am! I had fun making arrangements and getting started. There is more to be desired though, so I need your help!

  2. Stacey said,

    Never thought about the fan getting all dusty like that. I think you’re gonna have to do better than just saying “you’re my hero” a few times to pay him back 🙂

  3. Theresa said,

    I’m telling you that’s what happens to my blow dryer…everything I clean the vent screen from the fan it’s twice as hot and quieter!

    PS – Love the new look! And, of course it’s brown! 🙂 Love it!!

  4. Kelley said,

    What a prince! And a smart one, too.

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