WFMW – Perking up Limp Flowers

March 28, 2007 at 8:20 am (Uncategorized)

Disclaimer: I was taught this trick specifically for gerber daisies. It does not work on all flowers (like roses) but it’s worth a try. I think it mostly works on "soft stem" flowers – maybe tulips…can’t remember.

When the flower goes limp and beds over, take a needle, or push pin, or straight pin, and poke it at the top of the stem. Several hours later the flower will be standing up right again. (Unfortunately, it only works once). I’m not sure of the science behind it but it works for me.



  1. Stacey said,

    Good tip… I’ve never heard of that before!

  2. Kelley said,

    I haven’t heard that tip before either. It would be cool to find out why that works, though. Maybe I’ll send Nathon on a science hunt.

  3. Cathy Gumm said,

    It works! I was very skeptical but I tried it and I and couldn’t believe it. Jenny’s mother-in-law actually taught her that.

  4. Flowers said,

    Nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work.

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