I thought it was the Mexican food…

March 8, 2007 at 4:04 pm (Uncategorized)

On Wednesday nights while the kids are in the church program, hubby and I get out for a mini-date and have dinner together before we pick them up. We ate at a new (well it’s a chain, but new to our side of town) Mexican restaurant and it was really good.

But about 45 minutes after we got home I was NOT feeling it…the love. I was feeling bloated and burpy and just generally not very nice. I figured it would be gone by morning. It wasn’t. I figured it would be better after a cup of coffee and a shower. It wasn’t.

I dropped daughter off at preschool at noon and calculated exactly how long of a nap I could get before I had to pick up soon from school. Luckily my head wasn’t completely in the clouds as I NARROWLY (like had to swerve into oncoming traffic which, thank you LORD, was not that close) because some IDIOT decided to pull out in front of me and try to cross the road I was on. If I wasn’t busy having a coronary and throwing up many "Thank you God for protecting me"s I would have chased the booger down. And done what I’m not exactly sure, but I was ticked!

Instead I swallowed the bile that had tried to work it’s way out of my already churning stomach and drove home, crawled into bed and slept for 2 hours. Now I’m sprawled on the couch.

You do not even want to see what my kitchen looks like. I think I have one clean knife left. I never finished last week’s laundry and it’s laundry day again and we will have no clean clothes to take on Spring Break if I do not manage that sometime soon.

And my aunt is in town and coming to dinner tomorrow. And I have tiny pieces of potato chips ground into my carpet. And I’ve got 3 freelance projects I need to finish before I leave. And really all I want to do is crawl back in bed.

BTW, it is not the Mexican food unless that gives you a 101 fever. Please don’t let it be the flu!



  1. Leni said,

    Nope, I’m thinking it wasn’t the food…hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Stacey said,

    Ewwww, that doesn’t sound so good. Josh woke up Wed. night puking and had to stay home from school yesterday. Seth actually started puking this afternoon (in Target) so I’m thinking it’s going around! I’m just praying I don’t get it now : )

    Let me know if you need anything at all! You poor thing!!

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