Back in the Saddle

January 29, 2007 at 8:22 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s been 3 days w/ no fevers in the house (knock on wood) and we are finally back into the swing of things. I got to go to church on Sunday and see grown up people. Yeah!

And yes, I’m back at the gym. After my back problems I did not want to miss more workout time so I managed to squeeze in some workouts during the Sick-In at odd times. But this week I’m back at my M,W, F schedule and it felt good. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself that I am sticking with it and actually WANTING to go to the gym. Self discipline has NEVER been one of my strengths. All my grade school report cards read something like "Julie is so bright but she needs to learn more self-control." Yeah, yeah!

Tomorrow morning starts a new Bible Study. This time I’m leading a group in Beth Moore’s Daniel study. I am so excited about it. That woman is so incredible. God has blessed her with an amazing gift and talent. I’ve heard that the study is life changing and I think that we’re going to have a really great group of women.

It’s also been the motivation I needed to do some serious cleaning. We’re talking "scrub the baseboards" cleaning. My husband thinks I’m nuts when I do something like that but that’s what my Momma taught me 🙂 Besides there was a years worth of dust collecting on that little baseboard ledge. And I had my little helper Natalie. That girl loves to clean. And my son actually begged me to let him mop the kitchen tonight. I am NOT going to pass that one up. I have yet to go actually inspect his work and I suspect that I may have to remop under the table where the popsicle juices tend to stick but God bless them both for being helpers!


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