Mooooooooove Over!

December 10, 2006 at 5:27 pm (Uncategorized)

I have a love/hate relationship with our Gamecube system. I love that my kids sold their toys and saved up money to pay for it. I love that it’s something they enjoy doing (to their allotted time). I confess that hubby and I pretty much let them play for a couple of hours on Saturday morning because it means they let us sleep in until 9:30 or so.

But I hate the squabbles it causes when it’s time to turn it off, or when my 7 year old loses electronic time and pitches a major fit. And I cannot drive by the Hollywood video without pleas to rent a new game (don’t worry – I don’t give in the majority of the time)….

but last week we got Barnyard (you know the movie was out this summer). My 4 yr old wanted to play it the next morning – which pretty much means that I’m helping her 90 percent of the time. And I got hooked! I can’t get into most games my 7 yr old likes – like Sonic or Mario – there doesn’t seem to be a point. But Barnyard is fun! You get different tasks or missions and one of your primary jobs is to get the barn in party shape. You have to earn money during the day (and pick up items you can sell) and hit the Gopher Underground Store once it’s dark. I mean what women doesn’t like a video game where she gets to shop and decorate 🙂

So I was up until midnight last night trying to earn $1000 gopher bucks so I could afford the Neon Dance Floor only to discover that it’s not unlocked yet. So I had to settle for the "Bucking Human" and a keg of goat milk.

So if I’m not blogging much for the next few days, you know where I am……..



  1. Stacey said,

    You’re a nut! I don’t get into those mario and sonic games either.
    Although, I do love Mario Party 7… too bad ours is too scratched to play now 😦

  2. Shannon in Arizona said,

    to funny…..
    we took m’s back. he just got to angry and frustrated. we are waiting till we can get our hands on a Wii.
    in the meantime M plays the VSmile….
    my husband and i we play the xbox in our room 🙂

  3. Mark said,

    You forgot to mention that you played for like 2 hours trying to win the bike race… and that I am now officially the hero of the house for winning the race for both the 4 & 7 year olds…
    Ok, I’ll win a race for the 34 year old too, but it will cost you 🙂

  4. Julie said,

    Yes, I will freely admit that I cannot drive on video games – cars or bikes. Mark won the bike race in about 10 minutes. And hey, I’m not 34 YET!

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