A Giraffe’s Tongue

October 29, 2006 at 8:15 pm (Uncategorized)


I actually got to feed a giraffe! How cool is that? On the kids fall break a couple of weeks ago we went to the Wildlife World Zoo. Although it’s 22 years old the Wildlife Zoo seems to be overshadowed by the Phoenix Zoo. If you live on the west side of Phoenix I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but many have probably not. And though I’ve lived here for 23 years this was my first visit. It won’t be my last.

This zoo is way cool. The giraffe feeding station was definitely the highlight. You climb a set of stairs to get up on this platform that is level with the giraffe’s heads. Their bodies are probably 4-6 feet away from the platform but they stretch their necks right over. You get a handful of food for 25 cents and they stick out their giant tongues. We just sprinkled the food right on though I suppose they’d lick it out of your hands too. I had no idea a giraffe tongue was this huge – 18-20 inches.

The best thing about the zoo was being so close to the animals. I got to stand about 3 feet away from 3 zebras. I think they have got to be one of the most beautiful creatures ever. And the lions. Literally 3-4 feet away. Very cool!

The one negative was the petting zoo filled with crazy animals. I know goats can be kind of wild and tend to try and eat everything but they completely freaked the kids out. My son got kicked by one (well really he was jumping up but his hoof landed on his side). One of the other little boys with us was literally trying to climb the gate to get out he was so freaked out. We got out of there quick. Maybe the Phoenix Zoo sedates their goats but they are certainly better behaved over there. We will just avoid the petting zoo next time.



  1. Cathy Gumm said,

    That is really cool. I would love to go with you sometime. I love Natalie’s expression with the scrunched up nose. Meemaw

  2. Shannon in Arizona said,

    I went last week for the first time and ended up buying a membership. Yeah it was pretty cool….

  3. Kelley said,

    I love the Wildlife World Zoo too. My favorite part is always feeding the lories. The birds are beautiful, and they eat apples right out of your hands. Pretty cool.

    Oh, and I read that there’s a letterbox outside the WWZ (in the parking lot, I think). Did I send you the info on letterboxing? I bet Noah would like it.

  4. stacey said,

    That was such a fun trip! Seth is still talking about the “Baby Lion” scaring him and Noah crying : ) We’ll have to do that again!

  5. Susie Day said,

    Great kodak moment!

  6. hollie said,

    i love this pic and i love giraffes. they are so interesting.

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