Facing the Giants

October 16, 2006 at 8:38 pm (Movies)

Friday night is usually date night around here, and that usually means dinner and a movie…IF there’s anything good showing. And these days, that is more an IF than ever. I’d seen a few emails about the movie "Facing the Giants" which was made, basically, by a church. It’s actually not a true story (which I thought it was until researching for this post) but based on a cummulation of different stories. But it is the most overtly Christian film probably ever to play in the major movie theatres. It’s been out a few weeks so it wasn’t playing too many places anymore but we did find it.

I will admit that the first 15-25 minutes of the film were, well, hm, not the best acting in the world. There were a few times I kind of groaned, it was kind of like watching my performance in the school play. But the characters were likable still and once the story line had been set up (coach having sixth losing season, car won’t start, infertility problems, parents trying to get him fired, etc) and the Biblical story line (the Coach relying on God and changing the whole way he coached his team) it got really good.

In the end the film’s basic message, "With God all things are possible" was so well developed and played out that both hubby and I were overwhelmed. If you have a chance, I would definitely recommend taking the family to go see "Facing the Giants".

Washington Post article

My next movie pick "One Night with the King" – based on the story of Esther, my all time favorite Bible story. Not sure when I’ll get to the theatre, but I’ll definitely report back.



  1. Stacey said,

    Jeff and I really wanted to see if but we weren’t sure how good it was. We’ll have to rent that one for sure.

    I did see One Night with the King and really enjoyed it. We got there like 5 minutes late and missed a little but it was easy to follow. I honestly think someone who isn’t a Christian would get into it. Just my thoughts for whatever they’re worth.

  2. Kelley said,

    I just read about One Night with the King, and I think it sounds awesome. I’d never heard of Facing the Giants (shows you how much we get out to the movies…)

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