My Little Evangelist

October 11, 2006 at 1:48 pm (Faith)

If there was ever a doubt about having our son in the public school system, it was put to rest once again this week when he told us that he led another one of his little friends in a prayer to ask Jesus into his heart. This makes two boys since school started, plus one last year.

Noah inspires me with is openness in talking about Jesus with his friends. It’s just a part of his life and that’s the way it is. He has a very clear grasp of Jesus and heaven and sin. At first I wondered if he coule possibly be explaining it in a way that included "all the important parts". But then I realized that he’s not explaining it to an adult, he’s explaining it to other children and who better to communicate with them on their level?

I see God using this little boy in such mighty ways. It is an awesome responsibility to raise him (as it is all our kids) to use this special gift.



  1. Stacey said,

    That is soooo cool! Josh and I just had a talk the other day about whether or not he was allowed to talk about Jesus to his friends at school. I told him he absolutely was!

    I’m very proud of Noah!!

  2. Jenny said,

    He is so special! He is definitely an example we should all be looking to when it comes to sharing our faith. You both have been so faithful in teaching him.

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