You Want Me to What?

October 8, 2006 at 6:00 am (Fun)

We all have our embarrassing moments, right? Well I ALMOST added one to my list (which includes two other doozies) this afternoon.

I went in to see the orthopedic doc last week because my left knee has been bothering me for several weeks and is swollen in the back. One of the great things about this office is they have an on-site x-ray machine and radiologist.

I had fully intended to change from my capri pants into shorts to make the exam easier but trying to get my ever-more-whiny almost-4 year old out of the house took longer than expected and I forgot. While in the room with the doctor I realized that the capri’s wouldn’t even roll up very high. I could barely shove them up above my knee. She didn’t seem to be bothered by it and said they had some shorts if they need to have me change.

So after waiting another 45 minutes the radiologist, a nice gentlemen that’s always reminded me a little bit of the professor in Back to the Future, came and took me to the x-ray room. As I sat and waited for him to get everything set up, I tried my best to get my capri pant leg shoved up as far as I could, almost cutting off the circulation in my thigh.

As he got the films in the right place and I walked up to the first board that I needed to stand in front of I asked him "Are my pants out of the way enough? They won’t really go any higher."

He says to me, "Just pull them down all the way."

Um… ‘cuse me?

An image briefly flashed of me standing in front of the xray panel with my pants down around my ankles. And let me tell you, it was not a pretty image. A doctor, okay, but I am NOT dropping my drawers for the radiologist.

"Do you have a pair of shorts or something?" I asked meekly.

"Just pull it down, it will be fine."

Luckily, and not a moment too soon to save me from wanting the earth to swallow me, I realize that he is telling me to just pull the pant leg back down (instead of bunching it up) and that the xray machine won’t have a problem going through it.

WHEW! That was a close one! For me AND him!



  1. hollie said,

    Loved this story. I just had to chuckle cause I would have thought the same thing.

  2. Stacey said,

    Can you imagine the look on his face if you would have dropped you pants right in front of him? I wonder who would have blushed more : )

  3. Jenny said,

    Thanks for that Julie, I needed the laugh and was laughing out loud! It does sound confusing and I probably would have thought the same thing. So how’s your knee?

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