September 29, 2006 at 6:09 am (Home)

I can now tell people how to get to my house by saying "Turn right at the giant windmill." If this doesn’t seem odd to you then you probably live in some picturesque farming community. Lucky you. I DON’T. I live in the desert.

We live in a suburb of Phoenix that for the last 100+ years has been farmland.  It is often referred to as Hicksville. Well in the last few years the growth in Phoenix has been tremendous so of course Hicksville has exploded. In the next 10 years the population is supposed to increase by 520%. So Hicksville is trying to shed it’s "old town" image – well at least by the people who live there and get those strange raised-eyebrow looks when you tell people where you live.

So we’ve got this nice large community that looks like every other suburb in Phoenix built in the last 10 years. Nice parks, the retail is coming.

Right behind us is a new section of houses called Windmill Village. So what do they do? They put up an ACTUAL windmill at the main entrance. I probably wouldn’t be so upset if it was something reminiscent of Holland, but it’s made out of aluminum and looks like something that was behind someone’s barn.

Meanwhile the Homeowner’s Association writes me a letter every time my garbage can isn’t put away by the end of garbage day. Whatever!!

Two steps forward, one step back.



  1. Stacey said,

    Oh the joy of living with an HOA. The windmill is pretty tacky and it sure doesn’t look like it belongs there. Maybe you should start referring to that community as tacky village : )

  2. Shannon in Arizona said,

    we have one here in surprise…….in surprise farms…haaa haaaa farms??????

  3. Wystful 1 said,

    You’re joking right? I just can’t believe this! A bit of stupidity if you ask me….actually something that doesn’t even FIT into the landscape of the Phoenix area! I lived in Arizona for 12 years and you just don’t come across anything like this in the desert. Hmmmmm. And the gall of having the garbage in by sundown…that’s a hoot!! Tell ’em about the garbage that is cluttering the skyline!!

    (I’m here for the Saturday Photo Hunt, and missed it,—but I had to read about this and naturally, couldn’t leave without a comment)

  4. Kelley said,

    Hey, I drove by a windmill today in Georgia that looked just like that one. Too bad it was next to the “Po’ Folks” restaurant!

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