Photo Hunt – Eyes

September 23, 2006 at 9:14 am (Photos)


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This Week’s Theme: Eyes


Love this picture and the look in my brother’s eyes as he’s dancing with his wife at their wedding.



  1. eph2810 said,

    Very cool indeed. I think that eyes are the most expressive body part.
    Thank you for sharing…Have a wonderful Saturday.

  2. Stacie said,

    This is a fantastic photo! I love this one. Great shot and perfect for the theme. Iplayed too Stacie

  3. IndianaJane said,

    Great picture!

  4. Kelley said,

    That is a great picture of your brother. You can just see the commitment in his eyes. And you can tell he’s looking INTO his bride, not just AT her.

    Hey – how come every time I come to sign up on your Mr. Linky thing, I’m already there?! Sometimes before I even post my picture! I must be blogging in my sleep or something?!

  5. Nettie said,

    I love that look to. “Intense Love”. Nice picture

  6. Phil said,

    She was probably saying something romantic and I was trying desperately to keep the tears of joy from starting again. She was an absolutely beautiful bride, wasn’t she? Julie’s brother, Phil (that’s me in the pic)

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