Instant Makeover

September 14, 2006 at 6:00 am (Uncategorized)

I LOVE my orthodontist! (If you want to read about the beginning of my orthodontia journey, go here and click through a couple weeks of posts.)

Anyways, I’m 7 months into the adventure. At least a quarter of the way done (of course I’m optimistic that I’ll get them off closer to 18 than 24 but I’m basing that on, well, nothing except blind hope).

There’s been big changes. From a purely cosmetic standpoint my front teeth now look quite straight (no more overlapping). The bottom ones seem a bit tight still but if you just look at my teeth, they look nice. (When I pointed that out to hubby he said "Good, can we stop paying them now then?" Sorry, no.)

So now it’s things like moving them up and down a bit and then correcting my bite. Since I first put them on I had planned that after the braces came off I would go see a dentist and have him file the front teeth a bit. One tooth has a small chip out of it, most of the front 8 have jaggedy edges and my incisors were pretty pointy sharp. If I was going to spend all this time and money making them straight I wanted them to look perfect.

So today I went in for a quarterly check where they actually did updated xrays. The tech Justin then had the orthodontist over to check and see if he wanted to reset any of the braces. He did, 2 of them. Then he said, "I’m just going to file down some of these rough edges for you." I was so excited I would’ve kissed him but he had a sharp pointy tool in my mouth.

Then he says "Maybe you can avoid having to put a crown on that chipped tooth. And you’re incisors are pretty sharply pointed. That’s not something we usually see in nature."

Both Justin and I busted out laughing. He was trying to put it nicely I’m sure but the first thing that came to mind was that just the other day Noah had asked me if vampires were real and then later I had looked at my teeth and thought of that comment. So we all had a good chuckle.

So he proceeds to file them with a diamond bit. Ever smell "burnt teeth"? Not pretty but that’s basically what it was. And of course I’m reclined in the chair and so the smell is pretty much drifting right into my nose. But well worth it! I’m so excited to have smooth teeth and for FREE (well, at least not "extra"). Now if I want to look like a vampire I’ll have to put on some of those cheesy vampire teeth the kids get at Peter Piper.

Thank you Dr. Churosh!



  1. Jenny said,

    I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see your teeth. I can’t say I’ve ever thought you had vampire teeth though. I do now the smell of burnt teeth and it is not a good one. They had to file between my teeth because as the my othor put it “You have your mother’s mouth and your father’s teeth and those teeth are too big for that mouth.”

  2. Theresa said,

    I was just going to post a comment and let you know that the “orthodontist should file your teeth”. And you shouldn’t be charged for it. Mine did after I got my braces off. And, your right the smell is awful!

    Glad you’re turning straight again! Hee, hee.

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