Photo Hunt – Food

September 9, 2006 at 1:52 pm (Photos)


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This Week’s Theme: Food


This is my parents making Cornish Pasties for Christmas a couple of years ago. These are a tradition in our family. My dad’s ancestors came from Cornwall. Basically it is a pastry with meat, potatoes and onions inside. (Other people put different things in them but this is the kind we like.) The miners used to put them in their pockets (which helped keep them warm in the mines) and then they would take them out and eat them for lunch. It’s a pretty lengthly process to make them so they don’t get made often – but at least always at Christmas. We freeze the leftovers and eat them all year. They’re YUMMY!



  1. LibertyBelle said,

    Almost like meatpies, only these are meat pancakes!
    Looks great!
    Mine’s up too – with recipe!!

  2. Kelley said,

    Sounds really yummy! My picture’s up — better late than never…

  3. Stacey said,

    I just can’t get these things. I guess this year you’ll have to make me one so I can taste it and see if I like it.

  4. Beck said,

    Those are yummy. You know, I read the other day that often one end would be filled with jam and then you’d eat your way through the rest of the pie, and voila, dessert!

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