Everything Old is New Again

August 13, 2006 at 7:15 am (Home)

So last week was our 13th wedding anniversary. Have you ever looked around at taken stock of the wedding gifts that are still in use?

Well I did when we moved last summer. My can opener was 12 years old. When it was unwrapped it was white. Now it was somewhere between yellow and tan. The toaster matched it. The Oster 5-in-1 kitchen center that was a mixer, blender, food processor, chopper was in all actuality a pain to get in and out of the cabinet. So I would just used my hand mixer. I sold it on ebay before we moved.

And the silverware. With the very cute country looking flower pattern. 13 years old. The garbage disposal had eaten so many spoons over the years that I have  2 left. My mother-in-law has taken to buying me spoons at estate sales, bless her.

But good grief, silverware is expensive. Well, you know, for Ms. Frugal. Several months ago Costco had a steal of a deal on some nice stuff. But I washed some of the silverware once and it rusted. Darn!

Then I had a set of silverware in my basket the last time I was at IKEA. But seeing as I already had $300 worth of stuff, I figured another $50 on silverware wasn’t necessary so I ditched them at the last minute.

But finally, last week I found a beautiful set at Kohl’s for 1/2 price. And it even came in a leather tray. AAAAHHH. It was pure bliss to put them in the drawer (after a rust test in the dishwasher).

I’ve got a new black under the cabinet can opener, a new black coffee pot, a new silver toaster. Hm, what’s next????


1 Comment

  1. Mark said,

    Ya, I know. We still have our 1st fridge and washing machine too… Those are a little more than the silverware and can opener…

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