Works For Me Wednesday – Free 411 Calls

August 1, 2006 at 9:54 pm (Works For Me Wednesday)

Another week, another edition. This one in the interest of finances. Annoyed at those $1.49 charges on your phone bill (cell or home) for calling information. I’ve got the solution.

Dial 1-800-FREE411. It’s free information. You have to listen to a really short "this listing is sponsored by…" ad but it’s worth it. The downside is that they don’t connect you to the number directly (like most cell phone companies) so you need to be able to write the number down (or have a really good memory).

The savings may seem small but everything adds up right?

Head over to Shannon’s for more Works for Me Wednesdays.



  1. Nikkie said,

    wow! I had no idea that number existed! Thanks for sharing that, its going to save me some cash!

  2. Susanne said,

    Wonder if Canada has this?

  3. Jules said,

    LOVE this! Thank you for a great tip!

  4. MamaDuck said,

    I saw that the other day, thanks for the reminder!

  5. Amy said,

    That is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing- bless you! You just saved us a lot of money 🙂

  6. Jessica said,

    Yeah, my husband was telling me about that!

  7. barbie said,

    Thanks a lot for this helpful information. I don’t like to use the yellow pages, but I don’t like to pay a few either.

  8. Mark said,

    so do I get a commission for that tip??

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