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July 29, 2006 at 11:51 am (Photos)


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It’s too hard to pick just one photo of my adorable Snickers. Yes, these are old. She is now 11 and has a lot more gray (like her owners). My husband and I got her when we first graduated from college (couldn’t have pets in married student housing). I had never had a dog, my husband had always had dogs. He assured me that basset hounds were the laziest dogs ever. WRONG! Of course he picked the most lively of the litter but I have since heard plenty of other stories. (A few of ours are below.)


Just a few weeks old. Aren’t those the cutest puppy eyes?


She liked to stick her head in things as much as possible.


She would eat the sandwich right out of your hand and drink the soda right out of your cup.

I could tell Snickers stories all day as she is a mischevious soul. She has swallowed more socks than I can count (they always come back out – one way or another). We once had someone tell us that swallowing socks could kill her and if she ever did that we should take her to vet right away. Um, right. I’d be bankrupt. She’s swallowed batteries (nothing bigger than a AA). She got my husbands wallet once and ate $300. He "collected" about $200 back 🙂 Don’t ask. She’s chewed up more remotes and glasses than I care to count.

She could stand on her hind legs and pull stuff off of the kitchen counter so you couldn’t ever keep anything edible out.  Just ask my uncle who saw his bagel disappear in the time it took him to turn around and get a knife out of the drawer.

She once got into the pantry and got an entire box of Little Debbies. She apparently was too full to eat them all so she hid the rest around the house. In the middle of the night we heard her chewing on one of the plastic wrappers (trying to get it open). We took it away and went back to sleep. Five minutes later she was back with another one. We confiscated 4 of them that night and found more the next morning stuffed in couch cushions.

She would sit underneath my son’s highchair watching him eat, waiting for an opportunity to lunge and clean off the plate which of course would make Noah cry.  I finally had to start putting her outside when I fed him.

She has mellowed considerably in her old age. We had to amputate her tail a couple of years ago because she had a cyst that burst and wouldn’t heal. I’ve spent enough on that dog in her lifetime to purchase new car but you can’t help but love her.



  1. Barman6 said,

    You know, even though I love the pictures, I love the stories even more. What a great hunt entry. Very nice. Thank you.

    My entry is my brothers dog. I never did get a pet.

  2. Kelley said,

    Snickers is such a sweetheart. I know a really lazy Bassett Hound, Ariel. I’ve been on a walk with her and her owner, and if she gets tired, she just lays down in the middle of the street. We could hardly budge her!

  3. Kelley said,

    OK, why can’t I ever get these headers and blogroll thingys to work on my site? Is it just a Blogger problem? Or am I missing something?

  4. Philosophical Karen said,

    Haha, what a great name for a great dog!

    My photo is up.

  5. Mackeydoodle said,

    Absolutely adorable.

  6. Vintage Wine said,

    You`ve got a very cute dog & the stories about her are so funny. It`s easy to see how much you love her.
    By the way, I love the name 🙂

  7. tnchick said,

    Hounds are great. I had a bassett once… now i have a beagle. You should check out a friends hound site at – Great set of bassetts!

  8. Stacey said,

    Awwww, I think your dog is still cute!!

  9. Mark said,

    you really need to post a post-tail-amputation picture… she still wags her butt like she has one though… not bad for a 12 year old dog.

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