Thursday Thirteen – Homes

July 27, 2006 at 3:06 pm (Uncategorized)


1. Two years in a college dorm room, first year with Kelley, second with Nikki. Had a blast – lots of practical jokes and good friends. Way too many late nights! Not technically a "home" but it was my first experience being on my own 1200 miles from home.
2. The first place really "my own" was married student housing the last two years of college w/ hubby. The whole place was about the size of my living room (one bedroom, eat-in kitchen, bathroom and small family room. But it was ALL ours…along with the mice.
3. Second shortest time I’ve lived anywhere would be our first "real" apartment in San Antonio where hubby was stationed in the Army. After six months we realized we could buy a house with the same monthly payment. It was here that we brought home our puppy, Snickers.
4. Cute little 1800 sq ft home in a San Antonio suburb. It had rose colored carpet which actually, and this is what scares me, matched my decor πŸ™‚
5. I did my first home improvement project here – tiling my kitchen and dining area. It will be the last time my husband helps me tile.
6. Puppy ruined rose carpet during potty training.
7. Sold house after 3.5 years and barely broke even after real estate fees.
8. During the last 6 months of this time I was commuting back and forth to Dallas. I had a small studio apt in Dallas and drove home to San Antonio (4.5 hours) every weekend. Looking back I wonder what we were thinking, but our marriage did survive. The studio apt was one room w/ kitchen and a murphy bed that folded out of the wall. But it served it’s purpose.
9. Lived in a one bedroom apt in Dallas for 3 months while our SA house sold. Boy was it squished in there. We nearly drove each other nuts but at least we were in the same house again. Our son was actually conceived here after 18 months of trying  – I know TMI!
10. Awesome duplex in Frisco (north dallas), TX where we lived for about 18 months. Brought Noah home from the hospital here. We loved our church and our friends and were a little sad to leave but we knew we wanted to be back in Arizona so we could raise our kids around their grandparents.
11. Phx House No. 1: Loved this house – tons of storage space, a 3 car garage, we built a pool. Brought Natalie home from the hospital. I imagined us living here for many years, but after 2.5 years…
12. Phx. House No. 2: Little bigger – more space for church functions. I imagined us living here for many years, but after 2 years…
13. Phx House No. 3: Little smaller but smaller mortgage. LOVE the house. You can see and read more about it tomorrow during the Blog Tour of Homes sponsored by BooMama

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  1. MInTheGap said,

    Boy– you have a lot of memories. We’re in our first house, but our second living space. We rented before buying this house and now we’re looking for a new space.

    By the time you get this comment, the next Thursday will be there, and by 8:00 AM EST, My TT will be up! πŸ™‚

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