Come in out of the heat

July 27, 2006 at 9:59 pm (Home)

Welcome to my little neck of the woods desert and our home, part of BooMama’s Blog Tour of Homes. I’ll get right to the pics because that’s the fun part, but the story of our house is below.


The front door – I hate the color – it’s like poop brown. I wanted to paint it a really dark brick red but the Home Owner’s Association said no. So I’m searching for a different suitable "earth tone" which is apparently acceptable. Alternately I’m looking for a rock that is the right shade of brick red so I can mail it to the HOA and show them that it is, indeed, an earth tone. The little metal basket on the left is where my friend Stacey leaves me secret notes and the occasional batch of brownies. She’s the best.


This is the kitchen – the hub of the home. You will notice that my house is very colorful. I don’t think there is a white wall in the place – except for inside the kids closets (even my closet is painted). This kitchen table is my favorite piece of furniture – on loan from the in-laws, the chairs from hubby’s Grandma. This is where the four of us eat most of our meals. This is the first house where I’ve really liked my kitchen cabinets – they’re maple.


The family room which is where we do a lot of hanging out. The leather couches are one of the smartest purchases we’ve ever made when child #1 was about 9 months old. I love that I can just wipe them down when the get spilled on. One note, however, bite marks in leather do not go away. So I now have an imprint of my darling daughter’s mouth ingrained in my couch for prosperity. I just changed out the pillows this month to brighten up the room. The photography on the walls is all stuff I took on my college trip to Europe.


The overstuffed den. Located in this room are 4 (yes, 4) computers. Ridiculous I know but the kids love to play computer games and an extra computer solves the squabbles. It’s a really cheap thing that my brillant hubby put together with left over parts so we spent no money on it I usually blog from the front desk on my laptop but if both kids are on the computer during the day I move around to the back desk which is hubby’s. This is also my scrapbooking room – the area on the right. Then add 3 overflowing book shelves to the mix. We’ve thought of putting french doors on the room so that we don’t always have to look at the mess, but then I’m afraid it would feel REALLY cramped then.


The BONUS image. Had a hard time deciding. But since my bedroom pics were posted recently I decided to go for the dining room. This pine table was also a hand me down from my inlaws when we moved into our first house 11 years ago. With the leaves in it seats 10 which we often have. Just this summer I finally finished stripping off the old stain and getting it looking really great. Spray painted 2 sets of chairs black to replace the original ones which broke long ago. Photography on the walls is stuff from our travels. In the foreground you get a glimpse of my FAVORITE chair in the house. A Denmarket chair I found for $95 at a second hand store, so comfy.

As BooMama said in the guidelines for this little adventure, "humble gratitude for what God has graciously provided…that’s what we’re after". And God has been beyond amazing in providing for our family. As I’ve mentioned in some of my posts, my husband and I really got intense about handling our finances correctly and getting out of debt about 5 years ago. (This in itself is a great story and deserving of another post later.) In short, we are out of debt except for our house and have an emergency fund and are blessed to be in the situation we are in. As our pastor always says, "You can’t outgive God." As we have been faithful with the handling of the money he entrusts to us and committed in tithing back to him he has heaped the blessings on us.

This is our third house in the 6 years since we moved back to Phoenix. The first one I imagined us living in for many years…we didn’t quite make it 3 years. The second one I imagined us living in many years. After we moved in I told everyone who would listen "I’m not moving again." I told this to my husband repeatedly when he would bring home flyers from the house down the street and show me what it was selling for (like a month after we moved in). Well, never say never ladies. The housing market in Phoenix went ABSOLUTELY NUTS! Suddenly our house was worth $100k more than what we paid for it. Hm, that will make you think won’t it? But of course so was every other house in the area and I wasn’t about to sell my house just to get a different house with the same payment.

So instead we went a little further west where home prices were cheaper and bought a new construction that would take 10 months to build. We waited to sell the current house (because we didn’t want to have to move an extra time) and prayed that the market wouldn’t plummet in the meantime. It didn’t, it just kept going up and up. By the time we finally sold our house it had doubled in value in the 2 years we owned it. We kept out some of the extra money for all of the things we’d need to do to the new house like landscaping, etc. And took the rest of it and paid down the new mortgage as much as we could.

Our plan, unless God changes it, is to have this house paid off within 2 years. By the age of 35 we’ll be completely debt free. Imagine the ways we can serve God’s kingdom then. Look out! We are both really excited about the possibilities.

We’ve said all along that it’s not our house, it’s God’s house. However he sees fit to use it, we’ll use it. We love having people over. Just two nights ago we hosted a bunch of the just-promoted youth members and their parents for the salad course of a progressive dinner.

I can imagine us here for many years and would love to say " I’ll never move again" but I know better. But I can’t imagine us every going back to having a house payment once it’s paid off. I am continually amazed at how good God is but feel like I shouldn’t be cuz he is just THAT awesome!

You can read more about the moving in adventure in the beginning of my blog.

Remember to head over to BooMama’s for more home tours.



  1. Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer said,

    Your home is gorgeous! I love the colors!

  2. Jennifer said,

    Gorgeous home! And I agree brick red would look lovely on your door and it is TOTALLY an earth tone.

  3. Nikkie said,

    I love your kitchen! You have a beautiful home!

  4. Stephanie said,

    Okay, I am LOVING your house!!! I need you to give me tips on wall colors for my family room.

    How great would it be to have your house paid off by the time you are 35.!

  5. Jennifer R. in MS said,

    So pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. PastorMac's Ann said,

    Wow, your house is beautiful. Love, love, love your open kitchen! Wish I could figure out what color to paint my walls.

  7. Chappyswife said,

    Wow! I love it~ love all the colors. Also love the story of God’s provision for you. Congratulations!

  8. Val said,

    Earthy colors are beautiful, and there are plenty of them too. Have fun choosing! Heh heh, I just noticed the columns in your blog are earthy colors.

    You will LOVE having no mortgage!

  9. Michelle said,

    What a beautiful home! I love all of the colours! And your kitchen is wonderful..

  10. Meagan said,

    Ooooh girl I love the colors – so warm and comfy and I am totally inspired by the all purpose room….oh the wheels are churning!

    Thanks for the glimpse!


  11. Michelle-This One's for the Girls said,

    Beautiful!! You’re a great decorator.

  12. Mrs Blythe said,

    Hey if you want a good earth red for your door send them a picture of Ayres Rock
    south/uluru.htm (I had to split the address it wouldn’t fit in your comments box)

    I love your house, so open and spacious. Thanks for sharing a little of your story as well, I did this and got rather carried away, lol.


  13. Mrs Blythe said,

    Sorry just trying to post that address again, lol.

  14. Janice said,

    WOW – what a wonderful house! And to have it paid off in two years – that is incredible! How blessed you are. Good work on being good stewards.

  15. Jane said,

    beautiful home, love the colors,very warm and inviting.

  16. Autumn said,

    Very pretty

  17. Vintage Wine said,

    Hi 🙂
    I found your blog at BooMama’s list of home tours & I absolutely love both your home and your blog!
    I`ve recently written about how a house isn`t always a home, but I can see that your house is, just by looking at your pictures and reading your story. Your home seems to be filled with love for eachother and for God, which makes it even more beautiful.
    Thank you for letting us take a peak inside your home & thank you for a lovely blog!
    Best wishes,

  18. Faith said,

    What a beautiful home! I love it. Everything about is great.Love, love, love the story!

  19. Stephanie said,

    WOW what a great story about your house. As for painting the doors. Red clay is an earth tone. Trust me we have lots of it here!

  20. PEA said,

    Thank you so much for letting us “walk” through your home…you certainly have a beautiful home and I love the way you’ve decorated it!! Very nice!!

  21. Shalee said,

    I love the colors you have. Very comforting with the heat you have there.

    And who do I talk to about that red front door. Your doors scream to be red!

  22. owlhaven said,

    I love the archway over your dining room!

    Mary, mom to many

  23. Sarah said,

    What a great home! And yes, your HOA needs that red rock!! The story about your finances is very inspiring–thanks for sharing!

  24. Kelley said,

    Hey J…it was fun to see your new home, since I’ve never gotten to see it in person. You always do such a nice job making your house a home – beautiful and functional. (I know firsthand, because you totally did that with our college dorm room too! No white walls there either!)

  25. Kaliblue said,

    You have a very nice home. Very nice contrasting color palette. Thank you for sharing your wonderful home.:-)
    Have A Great Weekend!!

  26. Eagles Wings Mommy said,

    Beautiful home, thanks for sharing and the idea of game computers…as my boys get older.
    They are just 16 months twins & 3 yrs old now…

  27. Kim from Hiraeth said,

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. Love the colors!

  28. Dianne said,

    It was nice to meet you and tour your lovely home. 4 computers!!! I could use 3 sometimes.

  29. Tammy S. said,

    I love the arched doorways. Very beautifully decorated!

  30. Mrs. Shannon H. said,

    Your desert home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your home and your inspiring story about it. \o/

  31. LAZY Blogger said,

    Beautiful Home! I am just jumping around on the Blog Home Tour. Thanks for having me!

  32. Tammy~Kentucky Gal said,

    thanks for sharing your home with us and I don’t know why they won’t let you have your red door!!

  33. chel said,

    I just love these Arizona houses… And I love your dining room! Awesome! My HOA is the same way… everything on our street is to a “T,” nothing out of place.

  34. Phyllis said,

    I vote for the red door! My husband hates HOA’s for that very reason… =) Lovely home, your financial testimony inspired me. We too are working out financial issues. It’s wonderful to read how God has blessed you for your obedience.

  35. Shannon in Arizona said,

    Yes I remember those days of great market now we wouldn’t make the money we would have….what you did was very smart. We are in Surprise and well been in our home for 3 years seen a lot of people come and go….now we are finally getting people who stay. Love your house by the way 😉

  36. Beckie said,

    Great house!
    And… what a blessing — being debt free at 35!!

    Blessings! ~Beckie

  37. Lori said,

    Thank you for such a wonderful tour and a terrific story. I love the Dave Ramsey philosophy! We, too, are debt-free and that has given me the freedom to stay home when it would have been really difficult otherwise.

  38. sarahgrace said,

    Wow! God is awesome isn’t he? Thanks for sharing your “homey” story. Your house is just beautiful.

  39. viamarie said,

    Beautiful home. Love your choice of colors.

    It’s Saturday and my photo is now. Hope to see yours later.

    Have a nice day!

  40. Heather said,

    Iron ore also turns a beautiful color when exposed to water over time! A stunning earth tone

  41. TaunaLen said,

    Thanks for the hospitality! I especially love that you have a freind who leaves you little notes and brownies outside your front door!


  42. rebe said,

    Hey if they see the brick red color , bet they will approve it . I’m in Ky and I have a friend in OUR flylady group that some of her family lives in Phonix , and now the more I hear about thwe area , the more I know I want to take a trip to vistit soon and make a trip to Grand Cayon …
    If you want , can you add some kind of large planters , maybe in brick red color around your door .
    I do some gardening here in Ky and my mind always goes to planters and florals .. LOL

  43. grafted branch said,

    Very nice colors. Very sophisticated. I was raised out in those parts — in Mesa, in the 80s. I thnk it’s a different place now. I know for sure that we are priced out of the market — there’s no going home now.

    We had a similar real estate experience in Salt Lake City at the end of the ’90s. It set us up well, but not as “in the black” as y’all! Congratulations!

  44. Robin said,

    Sorry if I repeat, but all of the comments are making my tours a little longer. Anyhoo, LOVE your colors! Well, and all the rest of the decorating too.

  45. Maggie Ann said,

    A wonderful tour, I have enjoyed it very much!

  46. Home Sweet Homeschool said,

    Love your house! What a smart plan to sell when you could. We have family who bought land in Queens Creek years and years ago for dirt cheap and it sold for so much money!!!

    We lived in Apache Junction for a few years but moved back to MN in 1999.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your house…you have done a lovely job decorating it and making it very homey.

  47. Sarah said,

    I think that being debt free is a great testimony to God. 🙂 Congratulations, and your home is truly beautiful. I especially love your kitchen and eating area!

  48. Sonia said,

    Your home is just beautiful!
    I love so much all colours, it’s very warm and chic! You have such a flair for decorating! Thanks for sharing!!

  49. Gail said,

    I think your front would look great in brick red too! Good tour, thanks for sharing it. And I love your story about God’s provision & wanting to be debt free…that was a goal of my hubby too & it has been a blessing. Good for you on using it for the Lord, it will be fun for you to see what He has in store for your future!

  50. boomama said,

    Love your colors and your home…but love your heart even more. What an awesome testimony to God’s faithfulness – so encouraging and inspiring!

  51. Tracy said,

    Your home is lovely! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  52. Jessica said,

    BEAUTIFUL home!

    I LOVE the colors and the layout of your rooms!

    We are currently building our new home…you can visit my blog for updates on our progress if you’d like! 🙂

  53. Dorothy said,

    Beautiful, beautiful. Let me guess. You don’t have dogs. ;o) Doesn’t look like a dog lives here at all…lucky you!

  54. Susanne said,

    Beautiful home! Love the colors!

  55. Kate said,

    I keep seeing kitchen cabinets that look alot like mine. I love this home tour. Love the rug in front of your sofa too!!

  56. Cathy said,

    You have a beautiful home. Also beautiful is your gratitude for what the Lord has given you.

    Thanks for sharing.

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