Gamecube as Monitor

July 7, 2006 at 5:01 pm (Uncategorized)

We at last have succumbed to the lure of the video games. Okay, Noah’s had a Gameboy Advance since Christmas of ’04 but until this week we had no REAL video game playing system. Noah has been persistently asking for a Gamecube for about the last year. And, since you can buy an adapter to make Gameboy games playable on a gamecube we figured that was the system to go with. He’s got 7 GBA games to his name.

So I made a deal with him at the beginning of the summer. If he could save up $20 (so hard for this spender) then mom would pitch in the rest. I could have made the amount higher but he’s never kept more than about $13 at a time.

So he was doing pretty good, extra chores, etc. He had earned $13 when we left for our trip to CA for my brother’s wedding. And he couldn’t stand it any longer. While we were at Target getting a wedding card he had to look at the toys. And he HAD to have Snake Eyes (from GI Joe). I made sure he understood what that meant and he did and so we started over.

In my quest to rid ourselves of our multiplying toy collection I got the kids to agree to sell a bunch of stuff and whatever they made could go toward the gamecube. I figured they’d at least make the $20. Well they made $60 so we went and got it…

…and now he’s addicted. I know some of it is the novelty of it. I’ve done some monitoring of time usage in these few days but we’ve had a couple of meltdowns already. So I’m going to have to come up with some sort of system. I was thinking of giving him a set time each day and then having "Extra time" cards that could be earned for good behavior in 15 minute increments.

I have gotten one thing out of it. Yesterday he made me a deal that if I would let him play again before dinner he would get himself dressed for 2 weeks all by himself. Getting dressed is one of those issues for us that I find most of the time is not worth the struggle and I just help him. I know he can do it but I have to choose my battles.

So today he tried it again, 2 more weeks. I said "What about for the rest of you life." AND HE AGREED! So now I get to hold that over his head (insert maniacal laugh here).

Do you guys have any good suggestions for monitoring time on the video games?



  1. Addie said,

    My oldest daughter is ADDICTED to XBOX. She has to ask BEFORE she can play it, and I usually give her a time frame. Then I set the time on the stovetop and when it buzzes, she knows she’s done.

    Works for us. 🙂

  2. Stacey said,

    Somehow I missed this post.

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