Thursday Thirteen

June 15, 2006 at 3:43 pm (Uncategorized)

13 Places/Things I Remember from Family Vacations

1. Riding the trolley through New Orleans
2. Seeing Old Faithful
3. Eating at some restaurant in Canada and watching deer eat the flowers in the beds right outside the window
4. Riding in the back seat of the car between my 2 brothers and saying/whining "But they’re itching me. Their legs are hairy and they’re touching me."
5. Being put "On Silence" by dad which meant no talking (so we resorted to wildly-exaggerated hand motions.
6. A 3 week long vacation in a rented motor home during which we discovered my tendency toward car sickness. Lovely!
7. Seeing it snow in Glacier National Park in July
8. Visiting LOTS of relatives – my dad has this idea that you can’t be within 200 miles of a relative and not visit.
9. Being at my cousins house and volunteering to babysit they’re little girl (maybe 18 months old). I was at that age where I loved kids. Well, it turns out (unknown to us) that she was getting sick. She was only happy if I was rocking her or had her in the wagon and was traipsing in circles around the house. I must have gone around that house 30 times. What’s weird is that she’s now in her late teens and it makes me feel old just typing this.
10. Visiting Washington D.C. and going up the Washington Monument both during the day and at night.
11. Visitng the Grand Canyon and riding a mule part way down.
12. Driving through Memphis on the day of Elvis’ funeral. Okay, I was 2 but it’s somewhere in my subconscious cuz I love Elvis!
13. Walking up the steps of the Statue of Liberty with my dad. This is one of my earliest memories, I think I was 3. It was pretty steep and along way up!


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  1. Stacey said,

    I don’t think I’m liking this blogger thing. Everytime I leave a comment, it doesn’t show up in the comment section. Are you getting any of them??

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