things I will not miss about my van

June 2, 2006 at 9:42 am (Uncategorized)

So the van was totalled out by the insurance company and the hunt began.

Now my husband LOVES to shop for cars. This got us into trouble early in life but we manage our finances in a completely new way now – the Dave Ramsey method (that’s another story for another time). So we purchase older, low mileage used vehicles WITH CASH. We have not had a car payment in about 5 years. This is in keeping with our NO DEBT policy. (The only debt we have is our mortgage which should be paid off in no more than 2 years.)

So today we purchased the slightly younger, better looking sister of my previous van. It’s one year newer (’98) but with only 42,000 miles (a rare find). It’s in nice shape w/ leather interior (which will be covered w/ towels in the 115 degree Phx summer but will be easier to keep clean w/ the kids). So driving the new van has reminding me of all the things I will NOT miss about the old van.

1. No rear AC. We’ve gone 2 summers w/o it. Oddly enough we were scheduled to take it to the mechanic to fix this (a $500 repair) the day after I had the accident.
2. No sun visor on the driver side. Again, it broke about 2 years ago and we just had not replaced it. I think hubby was going to look for a used part at a salvage yard???????
3. The cloth seats that would stain if you spilled WATER. Seriously. I had the most wicked water stains on all my seats – so annoying.
4. The nice red punch stain on the middle bench seat.
5. The broken cup holder that the kids stepped on one too many times.
6. The seat belts that lock up all the time so that you have to completely undo them from the car seats, feed them back up and start again.

So here’s to keeping cool and being able to see when driving into the sun!


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