Thursday Thirteen

May 31, 2006 at 10:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Thirteen Things That Gross Me Out

1. Sippy cups with 2 day old milk. You know, it’s all solidified in the bottom and you spend 5 minutes debating just tossing the whole cup in the outside garbage. If you are brave enough to open it the milk comes out in one big glob and stinks up the entire kitchen.

2. The smell of gasoline. I believe there are 2 kinds of people those that love the smell of gas and those that love the smell of fresh paint. I fall into the latter category. I’ve yet to find someone that likes both.

3. Boogers in my kids noses. I’m one of those mom that picks. I can’t stand to see boogers in their noses. I will confess to even picking the noses of other people’s kids (under 2 only) if working in the church nursery (w/ a tissue in those cases).

4. Snakes – okay this is more of a FREAK me out but they’re gross too.

5. Touching fish (like freshly caught) – won’t do it.

6. Vomit – okay that’s one is pretty universal – the worst is if hot dogs are involved. We had a Tang/Hot Dog episode once that lives on in family lore.

7. Really stinky diapers. I’m pretty good at this, most don’t bother me but you know every once in awhile there is one that just makes the gag reflex go, you can’t help it.
. Eating oysters – I think it goes along w/ the touching fish thing. I just can’t get them down.

9. Moldy food in the refrigerator – no brainer

10. Finding 4 week old chicken nuggets underneath a seat in my van. Then having 6yr old say "Yum" and eat it before I can grab it to throw it away.

11. Hair on the shower walls – gotta rinse

12. My husband’s breath after he drinks pickle juice

13. My husband’s breath after eating Doritos (or anyone for that matter)

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