Birthday Horse

May 31, 2006 at 3:41 pm (Fun)

So for my 33rd birthday I got a horse named Dillon, courtesy of one of my bestest friends, Stacey.  I’ve always wanted a horse, I love horses!

Okay, so I only got him for an hour (I’m pretty sure my HOA doesn’t allow horses in my backyard).

Stacey arranged a great birthday surprise for me. I knew we were going horseback riding but what I didn’t know was that she’d arranged for 5 other girlfriends to join us. She was VERY insistent at stopping at Starbucks on the way where they were waiting.

We drove to South Mountain to the Ponderosa Stables (I think that was the name, correct me if I’m wrong Stacey) where we got a 1 hour trail ride and a cowboy breakfast that we ate sitting on hay bales.

Horseback riding isn’t the most conducive environment to a bunch of girls gabbing as you can pretty much only talk to the person in front of and behind you. And Stacey was bringing up the rear so her and I didn’t visit much. But we had a great time and it’s a great birthday memory to have. Thanks Stacey for arranging it. And thanks Theresa, Tracey, Beth, Kim and Patti for coming and making my day really fun.


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